Tuesday, 30 April 2013

April Favourites

Hello ladies. 

Aprils been and gone ladies, and how?! It's still Christmas in my mind!

I've found some new bits this month I've fallen in love with & one older purchase I've rediscovered.

One. MUA Power Pout Balm & Lip Tint in Broken Hearted - Review here
I'm not the biggest fan of MUA, and I've never found anything that I've used more than once or twice, but I've gone back to this lip tint / chubby stick dupe time after time this month. I love it, it's really easy to apply & it's the first time I've felt confident wearing a brighter lip colour out of the house. I'm kind of tempted to pick up another couple! 

Two. Lush Forum Special Perfume in Creamy Candy. 
This was a special perfume that's only available for one weekend in November & every year Lush make 4 or possibly 5, different perfumes that are voted in by people on the forum, and one of last years was Creamy Candy, which is pretty much the Snow Fairy scent, if a little more sharp. I've recently rediscovered this perfume as when I first received it I was shocked at how tiny it was, and annoyed I hadn't bought two! But I've finally stopped hoarding it & started actually using it & it's incredible, smells just like the bubble bar & the staying power is like no other perfume, you can smell it as much in the afternoon as you did when you first sprayed it on in the morning. I think I'll be taking to eBay for another! 

Three. MAC Select Sheer Pressed Powder - Review here
I've really enjoyed using this, it makes my face just feel a bit more matte & a little more "done up", I was worried it might break me out but so far so good! If I had one complaint I'd say I'd want them to be a fair bit cheaper, as I can see myself getting through a fair few of these!

Four. Zoya PixieDust in Chyna - Review here.
Normally, both matte & textured is something I'd steer well clear of, as I prefer glitter & high shine nail varnishes, but this is so pretty I made the exception, and actually fell in love with it. It's really eye catching, and looks a bit tougher than anything else I have. It's a bit of a pain to get off but it's totally worth it! 

So that's what I've been loving this month, how about you? 


Sunday, 28 April 2013

April Empties

Hello lovelies.

It's nearly the end of the month, so you know what that means, empties time!

I have to say, it's a bit of a poor effort on my part this month!

One. V05 Nourish Me Truly Shampoo.
I had high hopes for the shampoo as I've loved all the V05 Conditioners I've had, but this was a bit of a disappointment. It left my hair feeling really dry, and I'm glad I didn't buy the larger size! I wouldn't purchase again.

Two. TREsemme Platinum Strength 60 Second Treatment Shot.
I am not the biggest fan of TREsemme in general, the shampoo & conditioner just doesn't work for me, but when I spotted these treatment shots in Superdrug at half price I thought I'd give it a go. It's nice, not bad but not great, and at full price these are £1.50 each, which I'd argue you could get a half decent mask for a couple more quid. I might repurchase when it was on offer though as it did leave my hair feeling soft.

Three. Bath & Body Works Twisted Peppermint Shower Gel. 
Please tell me I'm not the only one making a bit of a way through their Christmas themed stuff?! I love Bath & Body Works, everything smells amazing and really lasts on the skin. The only problem is getting hold of them in the UK, this large bottle I bought here, at around £10 a bottle it's not cheap but it's worth every penny. It's also not tested on animals, so another bonus! I've already got a mini shower gel from Bath & Body Works & I'm deffo going to get a couple more! 

Four & Five. Sephora Shower Gel Pods. 
Why Sephora, why won't you love the UK and just open a Sephora every 2 streets like it is in the US?! I love these shower gel pods, they are fantastic as it's just enough for one wash & it's fun to pick & choose day to day. Cotton Flower was a pretty standard soap smell, but Caramel is amazing, it smelt exactly like waffles! I have quite a few more of these, but if I'm lucky enough to be near a Sephora any time soon I'll be stocking up! 

Six. The Body Shop Shower Gel in Mango.
This is a staple for me, I've had more of these shower gels than I've had hot dinners! They are thick & foam up nicely, and are constantly on offer, so I will almost certainly buy another at some point! Although possibly not mango as I've had so many mango scented things recently I feel a bit sick of it! 

Seven. Benefit B.Right Refined Finish Facial Polish. 
I loved this face scrub, it's just perfection. It's scrubby without feeling really harsh. The problem is the price. As much as I'd love to repurchase at just under £17 a bottle it's fairly expensive, although it does last a long time. Maybe if I'm feeling really flush! 

Eight. Sanctuary Instant Hydrating Toner. 
For some reason, I really didn't think I was going to like this, and that's possibly because Sanctuary isn't a brand I'm familiar with. But I actually really liked it, it was really refreshing and my skin and left my skin feeling lovely. I've already bought another brand of Toner, but if that one doesn't live up to my expectations I might buy this one again.

Nine. Nspa Melting Cleansing Gel. 
I really don't get on with melting cleansers and this was no exception. I just end up using way to much, and I never find it melts quite as much as it claims! I wouldn't repurchase, but I have other NSPA bits I'm trying out at the mo. 

Ten. Maybelline Baby Lips lip balm. 
I was sent this from America, but these aren't available in the U.K, yet! I've heard that these are going to be making an appearance this year, so I will be going out and grabbing a few because they are fab, they taste really nice and leave the lips soft. 

Eleven. Essie Good To Go Topcoat.
I've finally had to admit that this top coat has gooped up way to much to use, which is such a shame as it was fantastic, it dried in another 30 seconds and kept my nail varnish chip free for at least a couple of days. I'm not sure if I'm going to repurchase this or possibly try something new, but this is a really good top coat! 

So that's it, I said it was a bit of a poor effort but it's not too bad, seeing as most of them are full sized products, but I'm hoping to do better next month! 

How about you ladies? Have you finished much this month?


Friday, 26 April 2013

30 ways to save £1!

Hello ladies.

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the £1 coin, moneysupermarket.com are asking bloggers to give their ways of saving £1 or more, which I think is a really fun way of sharing your money saving tips. As someone that doesn't have a large income I'm constantly trying to save a little money, so here's my 30 ways! 

(image source here)

One. Coffee. 
Do you really need that daily take away coffee? One £2.50 coffee a day for 5 days of the week costs £12.50, which adds up to a whopping £650 a year, but if you really can't live without it, try skipping one day a week, or ordering a smaller size. A larger sized coffee may only cost 30p extra, but in a week that's an extra £1.50, and I don't know about you but a large can often be way too much! 

Two. Try A Cheaper Alternative. 
If your feeling a little strapped, and a staple has run out, why not try something a little more purse friendly? For example, I always swore by Aussie Miracle Shampoo & Conditioner, but at just shy of £5 a bottle it's not cheap, so I decided to try a couple of others, and after a little trial and error I found that the V05 Shampoo & Conditioner is just as good, if not better, and this is readily available in Poundland, saving £8 every time I run out. Sometimes it might be rubbish, but it's a case of trial and error. 

Three. Offers. 
Ok, so this one can be a bit tricky, so let me explain. Offers are designed to entice you in to a purchase, and this can be a false economy, for example a 3 for 2 offer where you buy 3 lipsticks when you'll only use, or like, one. BUT, for somethings, things you need, offers are fantastic. I always stock up on cat food when it's on offer, as it's often on 2 boxes for £6, or a single box is around the £4 mark. Another few quid saved! 

Four. Haggle.
Oh, this is so very un-British of me, but for the love of god, haggle! This applies most importantly to any contract you might be taking out, your phone, TV, Internet, so on. The power of no is one of the most important things you can learn! Don't like what they are offering, want more money off? Say "No, I am only interested in this *phone/TV/Internet* package, it's too much money" and the second you say your going to put the phone down / walk away, oh you'd be surprised how much money they will start slashing off, as any sale is better than no sale! 

Five. Download A Voucher App. 
If you have a smart phone that supports apps, download yourself a voucher app. I personally use the VoucherCloud app, as has a GPS setting that shows your vouchers near you. If I'm off shopping for the day I'll have a little browse of what shops and restaurants have offers, as if there is one price I hate, it's full! 

Six. eBay. 
I know I've said this before, need some money? Sell some old bits on eBay! But more than selling, buying on eBay can be a way to save some real money. If I can't afford something at full RRP, I'll check for it on eBay. I picked up the Kiehl's Facial Lotion on eBay, which at full RRP is about £23, but I paid just £13 posted for a brand new bottle, saving £10 on the same thing I would of bought from the shop! 

Seven. Keep Those Tags On! 
Lets face it, shop lighting is awful. Sometimes you might try something on that looked good under the harsh glow, or you thought it would go really well with a skirt you already have, but you get it home and it doesn't or it doesn't look quite right any more, but oh god, you've ripped the store tags off. Keep them on & it makes it much easier to return for a full refund. And on that note...

Eight. Return Those Online Purchases. 
I know it's a pain, but that ASOS order that doesn't fit, doesn't look good, colour is different etc? Well if you don't return it soon, you can't. Most places give between 21 and 31 days to send items back for a full refund, and after that, your no longer entitled to one. Make sure you send them back quickly, or you'll end up being lucky to make half of what it cost on eBay. 

Nine. Ask For Samples. 
Another one that people hate to do, ask fancy stores for samples. But lets face it, how money have you wasted on a product that people were raving about, but turns out it breaks you out? They might say no, or not have any, but as the old saying goes, you don't ask you don't get. But if they say yes, you can try the product out before spending a penny, hurrah! 

Ten. Spend A Little Extra.
Ok, this seems a bit of a weird one for a saving post, but let me explain. You want something, something slightly more expensive than you'd usually go for, for me that was the NARS Orgasm Blusher, but you hear of dupes, dupes costing a smidgen of the original, for me, Rose Gold by Sleek, so you buy the dupe, get it home, and realise it's nothing like the original, and you still want the same one you originally did, and eventually end up buying it any way. So basically, I spent an unnecessary £5, and Orgasm is my most reached for blusher. Sometimes it's worth saving up for the more expensive option, if you know you really want it, as sometimes you'll save money in the long run. 

Eleven. Add Up Your Food Shopping. 
Have you ever been at the till at the supermarket, and practically snatched the receipt out of the cashiers hand, and almost marched round to customer service to demand money back, as there is no way that you spent nearly that much money, just to realise that, in fact, you did. Food, has gotten really expensive, so to make sure that I stay on budget I add up on my phone as I go around, and it really makes me double think about putting in any last minute extra items. 

Twelve. Compare. 
If your insuring something, a car, a pet, your home, try a comparison website, not only does it save time, but it's almost much easier to see what you'll be paying & what it covers. When I took out insurance for Tuna I made sure to compare & check out every option before taking out insurance policy, as the cheapest option might not give you the coverage you need, but also a more expensive policy may not offer anything extra. 

Thirteen. Bookmark For Later. 
Can't afford an item for the time being? What if it went in the sale? I bookmark items I like for later, and check on them every now and again, and often the item will have gone in the sale, and I can now snap it up for half or less. 

Fourteen. Save The Pennies...
& the pounds will look after themselves as the old saying goes. Bung all your 1ps & 2ps in a piggy bank & then cash it in once a year or so, I do it before Christmas and often have over £30! 

Fifteen. Take A Drink With You. 
If I'm off out, I won't be without a bottle of water, as I really hate having to pay between 60p to £2 for a drink! This goes doubly for any attraction such as theme parks, as I've paid over £3 for a bottle of water before.

Sixteen. Mend.
Not wearing your favourite dress because the hem is loose? If your confident enough to do it yourself, set aside 10 minutes in an evening to take it from your mend pile to your wear pile. But if your not, find someone that can do it for you. Lots of dry cleaners offer services to take out items, hem items, fix items, and it's usually pretty cheaper, and lets face it, much cheaper than buying something new. 

Seventeen. Resole. 
A continuation of the above point, but if you have a really decent pair of shoes, but the soles are a bit ropey or full of holes, rather than buying another pair, take them to Timpsons and have them resoled, which costs around £8, much cheaper than a new pair. 

Eighteen. Points Cards. 
Any shop, with any points cards, such as Boots or Superdrug, make sure you pick up the loyalty cards and use them! I save up my Boots points & then buy something I want but usually wouldn't be able to afford easily.

Nineteen. Put A Jumper On. 
And turn the heating off! It's sort of having a go at spring at the moment, and even though it can be a bit nippey in the evening, try reaching for the jumper before the thermostat, and you'll see a huge difference in your bill. 

Twenty. Step Away From The Takeaway Menu. 
I know it can be really tempting on a Friday night to reach for a takeaway, but do you reallllly need one? Do you have something you can bung in the oven quickly? Take aways have one of the highest mark ups, coming second to bar / club alcohol, and a chain pizza that you will pay around £15 will of cost under £1 to make, so if you really want a pizza give making one a go, and your pennies will go a lot further! 

Twenty One. Give A Home Dye A Go. 
Having your hair dyed at a hair dresser can be very, very expensive. For a full head of colour for me, where I usually have my hair cut is a full £50. £50!!! That, ladies and gents, is half of £100! So I dye my hair at home, which for two boxes of dye, can be as little as £7.50 when it's on offer. I'd only recommend this for a full head of colour, as high or low lights take a lot more skill that slopping goop on your head!

Twenty Two. Wait Until Wednesday. 
If your going to the cinema, and you know someone that has an Orange phone, wait until Wednesday and you'll get buy one get one free, which will help pay for popcorn (side note, how is popped corn so expensive?!). 

Twenty Three. Move That Money. 
The temptation to spend money can sometimes be too much, so if you have something you need money for (rent, phone bill, car insurance etc) move it from your main bank account to a savings account, that way you can't accidentally dip in to money you need when your out. 

Twenty Four. Cashback. 
If you do even a little internet shopping, sign up for either Quidco or TopCashBack, and if you click through the website when shopping online, you'll get some back, which you can save up for PayPal pay-outs, Amazon Vouchers or other rewards. 

Twenty Five. Student Discount. 
If your a student, make sure you get yourself an NUS Extra card or sign up for Uni Days, to get student discount in loads of shops. It's often 10% but lots of shops periodically hold student lock ins to get some times up to 30% off, either way it's well worth taking advantage of whilst you can! 

Twenty Six. Seconds, Bargain Corner or Bargain Bin. 
I can't tell you how many things I've found in slight seconds or ikeas bargain corner that are perfectly fine. I purchased a slight seconds Emma Bridgewater teapot for half the price, which as far as I can see, is completely fine bar one smudge. It can be hit or miss but it's worth having a good look! 

Twenty Seven. Make Double For Dinner & Take It For Lunch.
If your making something for dinner, double up the size & take it for lunch the next day. Pasta works well as pasta salad is both delicious & filing, but this leads nicely on to my next point...

Twenty Eight. Take Lunch. 
Every job I've ever had, I've taken my own lunch. Buying lunch is both expensive and usually, lets be honest, not all that nice! I can make a nice lunch for half the price of something I'd buy, and as a veggie I loathe paying out for cheese sandwiches! 

Twenty Nine. Try A Cheapy Holiday. 
Whether it be a Sun holiday, or glamping, or youth hostel, or something else, if you can't afford a big holiday why not try something a little cheaper? If it's terrible then you'll have hilarious stories to share & if it's good then you've saved yourself a heap of cash! 

Thirty. Budget! 
This is the big one, work out what you can afford to spend, after rent, food, insurance, travel, and all the other really boring spends, and divide this up to a weekly budget. Not only will it mean that you know what you have coming in & out, but it also helps me to really think about every purchase in percentages of what I have for the week, i.e this blusher is 25% of my weekly budget, and this helps me decide if I can, or usually, cannot afford it. Budgets sound a lot more scary than they are, and they can be a little eye opening, but once you've done one, it really helps! 

So that's my 30 tips! If you fancy finding out more about the moneysupermarket bloggers 30 ways to save £1 challenge you can do here

So how about you? What are your tips? 


Thursday, 25 April 2013

New To Boots - Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Mermaid's Tale

Hello ladies.

Boots has been having a real stock update recently, and when I popped in a couple of days a go there was a brand new stand, a Sally Hansen stand. I've previously had Sally Hansen nail varnishes so I was instantly intrigued, and obviously, ended up in a purchase.

I went for Mermaids Tears, a gorgeous dark blue with green & blue sequins inside. The Sally Hansen bottles are squared at the bottom and rounded at the top, with a silver brush lid, with a minimal brand sticker. 

The Complete Salon Manicure bottles have very wide, very flat brushes, something I personally love as I find it easier to apply the polish more smoothly! 

I applied to two coats to the nail wheel, and as you can see the base colour is a dark blue but quite sheer, and the glitter is made up of small dark blue dots, and bigger blue & green sequins. I quite like the sheer element to the polish, but you could layer this nail varnish over a dark blue base for more of a statement nail. 

The Complete Salon Manicure are what I'd call a mid-priced nail varnish, at £6.99, not quite £10 but not far off! I can't seem to find Mermaids Tears on the Boots website, but you can find other colours here, however the new stands seem to of replaced the Une stands, so if you had a Une stand it may be worth checking out your local Boots. 

So ladies, have you had any Sally Hansen nail varnishes before? Do you think you might be checking out the new stands?


Wednesday, 24 April 2013

MAC Select Sheer Pressed Powder in NC5

Hello lovelies. 

On Tuesday we had the first sunny, actually sunny actually warm day we've had this year, a day where I went out without a coat, and was warm! But when I was doing my make up I reached for something, something that wasn't there. Pressed Powder. It's something I never find myself needing in the colder months, but in the warmer months I find my skin getting shiny and my BB cream in need of something to set it. After a quick look around I found the one I wanted, and not unusually, it was MAC shaped. 

Having not had any of the MAC skin range before I had no idea what shade I was, so primarily I reached for NC15, which everyone & their dog seems to be, but no, no where near. I am probably the palest person I know, so it was hardly surprising that I was the palest shade. I went for the Select Sheer as I prefer a very light coverage when it comes to anything face-wise, and also because its so velvety and soft! It's the softest powder I've ever felt, and it's down to the Silica in the formula.

Also as a side note, a little annoying that I was given such a battered box, however I don't keep the boxes & the inside was fine, but still a little annoying! 

I love MACs sleek packaging, and in the case of the Select Sheer it also comes with a handy mirror inside the lid & a MAC powder puff, which I love so you can stick it in your handbag to top up on the go without having to fumble about trying to find another mirror. 

So this is a before shot, and as the day of sunny weather was fleeting my shine is pretty low, but on a warmer day my skin gets a pretty amazing "glaze" (mmm yummy face glaze).

And this is with the Select Sheer powder. As you can see it gives a very light coverage, but it definitely gives coverage none the less. 

So, I'd give this product an A+, it's light on the skin & lasts several hours before needing to be topped up, and gives a great coverage without making the skin look totally flat. I can see this being a go to product! 

However, it's not particularly purse friendly product, coming in at £20 on the nose, but after swatching a lot of powders from every end I knew this was the one for me. Select Sheer comes in 13 different shades & can be purchased from MAC here

So ladies, are you finding any gaps in your spring / summer make up? If so what are you planning to add?


Monday, 22 April 2013

Zoya Pixie Dust in Chyna

Hello lovelies. 

I've been rather slow of the mark in getting my head around textured nail varnish. That was until I started seeing swatches of the Zoya Pixie Dusts on American blogs, and I knew I had to investigate, and after a bit of umming and arring over colours, I decided to go for the red, Chyna. Zoya are possibly my favouirte nail varnish brand, as well as being 3 free, they have a stunning range of colours, it's a bit like American Apparel, where they have the same colour in lots of different versions (glitter, high shine, jellies etc).

Pixie Dusts are probably best described as a matte textured sparkle, not quite a glitter but not far off. The bottle has had a little upgrade for this range as well, a matte rubber brush lid & PixieDust added underneath the Zoya, which I like as it helps identify it quickly. I ended up going for the red as it reminded me of the Barry M red glitter, the first nail varnish I ever bought myself & the first bottle I ever finished.

The textured element of this polish is much finer than other textured polishes, such as the the OPI Liquid Sands or the Barry M Textured polishes, meaning it's more buildable on the nail without feeling like your have dipped wet nails straight in the sand.

Here I've applied one thin coat, and as you can see you can see the texture of the polish, but with one coat it's more of a raspberry red rather than a deep red.

Here I've applied two coats, which you can see gives a much darker true red, and the texture is much more noticeable. 

In all the instructions on how to wear the Pixie Dust it says you shouldn't apply top coat as it will ruin the effect of the texture & the matte, but I found that if you apply one very thin coat of top coat it makes very little difference but you do loose a little bit of the matte effect, so that does depend on what you like, but your more likely to get a few more days wear out of it.

In terms of getting it off, its about as hard to get off as a small glitter nail varnish, takes a bit more scrubbing but no where near as hard as a chunky glitter. 

Overall I really like it, it's both my first matte & first textured nail varnish & on the nails it's really eye catching. It's nice to have something a bit different to my usually high shine multi glitter! 

Zoya can be a bit of a pain to get in the U.K, but is widely sold online, and you can buy Chyna here for £10.50.

So ladies what do you think? Loving the textured nail varnish trend or a bit unsure? 


Sunday, 21 April 2013

Non Beauty Favourites

Hello lovelies.

Sorry I've been missing in action for the last couple of days, I have a stinky cold! But I thought I'd show you some of my non beauty favourites! Although I love beauty, and I really do, it's not the be all & end all of my life, and I certainly have other loves.

I tried to just pick a couple of bits that I've really been loving recently, no rhyme or reason to what I picked at all!

Boux Avenue Hedgehog PJ's
I love pajamas, love them! And I'd had my eye of these for ages, but at full price they were £28, and as someone who usually buys pj's from Primark at around £10 a set or less, it was just a bit too steep. However they are currently having a sale, and these pj's had gone down to £18 (here), still more than I'd usually pay but they are so, so so soft & snuggly as they are 95% cotton, plus they have hedgehogs on!

Harry Potter Souvenir Magnet.
I bought this when I went to New York a couple of years a go now, when Ali & I visited the Discovery Center in Times Square as they had all the Harry Potter props & costumes for a while before they made there way back to England. It was a really lovely exhibition, and they even had Hagrids chair that you could sit on, which as a big Harry Potter fan was amazing! Every time I spot this on the fridge it makes me smile.

Lily Flame Fairy Dust Candle.
I've been so impressed by this candle, the scent is really strong & the burn time is fantastic. It's a really girly scent, really sweet but without being sickly, kind of like a muted candy floss. It's perfect & it's starting to run out, so I'm already planning to pick up the larger glass tumbler version. I still love Yankee's the most, but these are a close second?

Alex Monroe Baby Bee Necklace.
I have so much love for this necklace. It's the perfect size, not to big, not too small, amazingly detailed & oh yes, it's a bee! Alex Monroe's Jewellery is perfect, and although it's pretty expensive the quality is unbelievable. I find myself reaching for this necklace over any others that I own, and if I was a richer person I'd love to own a lot more! 

Crystals Blue Stone Earrings. 
I'm not sure if Crystals is a Bristol only shop, but it basically sells all types of gem stones & gem stone jewellery. I usually go for stud earrings, but I've really enjoyed wearing these, they are dangly but short enough that they don't get constantly caught in my hair constantly!

So that's what I'm loving at the moment, how about you lovely ladies?


Friday, 19 April 2013

Bargain Alert! Half Price Zatchel Bags From Tomorrow

Hello ladies. 

Earlier today I spotted on the Zatchels twitter that tomorrow they are having a sale, an epic mighty sale...

Yep that's right, half price on all bags! No code required just pick your bag between midnight tonight & 11.59 tomorrow (or if your feeling flush, bags), add it to your basket & it'll be half price! Delivery is a bit steep at £5.99, but it is next day delivery, so hopefully you would get it on Monday. Prices will obviously vary but it can make satchels as low as £43, small saddle bags £30, barrel bags £22.50! High street prices for higher end bags.

I've already picked my bag out (I'm not telling you which but I will review it when it's here!), made an account and have my card ready to go!

So ladies, are there any Zatchel bags you might indulge in?


Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Lynnderella Nail Varnish in When The Moon Was A Star Review & Where To Buy Lynnderella in the Europe

Hello lovelies. 

I previously blogged about my first Lynnderella nail varnish here, and well, one thing lead to another & I've ended up with another, one that was too perfect, When The Moon Was A Star. 

When The Moon Was A Star is a dark blue glitter with medium & small blue sequins, tiny specs of silver as well large silver & gold stars & moon sequins. It's a complex & utterly stunning polish. As for packaging I love the Lynnderella bottles, professional yet still indie looking. 

I painted one coat on the plain nail wheel so you could see the effect the polish gives on its own. The background colour of the nail varnish is a very very pale blue, so if you wanted to you could build the polish up to give full coverage, but I think you'd need at least 4 if not 5 coats, so with that in mind I decided to layer it over another polish, mainly to preserve the amount being used each time! 

Luckily as someone who likes blue nail varnish I had a few to choose from, but I went for Sinful Colors Blue By You. 

I painted one thin coat of the Sinful Colors, as the Sinful colours tend to be a little runny so you need to be careful you don't end up with too much on the nail & one coat of When The Moon Was A Star over the top & I much prefer how it looks! You could do two coats & get a more full on effect, but one still looks super pretty. 

So, last time I blogged about Lynnderella Nail Varnish I mentioned that they were pretty much impossible to get hold of in the UK, well that has changed! BUT, don't get too excited, just yet. 

Lynnderella is now being stocked by Norway Nails here, which dispatches to almost all of Europe for a flat fee of 39 NOK, which is roughly £4.44, which is a good price, however, the nail varnishes themselves... well... 

THEY COST A WHOPPING 239 NOK EACH! Which is roughly £27.19 each, yes each! That is over £30 with shipping for one nail varnish... As beautiful as they are, I'm not sure any one nail varnish is worth over £30! So, unless you've got some lovely friends in the USA to send them to you, or your feeling rather flush, there still isn't a reasonably priced way to buy them in Europe, sigh! Personally I will be sticking to Nail Sale (here)!

So ladies, do you think one nail varnish is worth over £30?! How I wish there was a better way, a cheaper way, to buy them! 


Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Kiehl's Facial Oil-Free Lotion Review

Hello lovelies. 

Kiehl's are a brand that I've only recently discovered, and so far loved everything I've tried. I mentioned the Facial Oil-Free Lotion in my post here & said I'd been road testing it to give it a proper review. 

The Kiehl's bottles are all vaguely similar, only the colour of the bottle changes from range to range, soft yet sturdy plastic with plain text, all very functional & to the point. I do tend to prefer something a bit more girly, but I actually really like the packaging for Kiehl's. The top flips opens & then has a fine nozzle to squeeze the lotion out of.

The lotion is white in colour & smooth in texture. Once applied to the face it's lightweight without being "not there" and absorbs instantly, leaving my skin soft without feeling heavy with product. I can't rave about this product enough! I've been using it every morning for around 3 weeks and my skin has been looking so much clearer, and feels soft all day. But there is one tiny problem with the it...

The price. For a smallish 125ml bottle (rather than the larger 250ml bottle) it will set you back a cool £24.00 here, although push comes to shove I think it's worth every penny! I personally picked mine up on eBay for around £11. I've also picked up the Kiehl's Oil-Free Toner because I'm loving this range so much, which I'll be reviewing soon too.

So ladies, have you tried anything from Kiehl's? What would you recommend?


Monday, 15 April 2013

New MUA Lip Product - Power Pout Colour Intense Tint & Balm in Broken Hearted

Hello ladies. 

Why can a simple trip to Superdrug to pick up some vitamins never end without a purchase? Oh well! Luckily it was only a cheapy one! I have to say I'm not MUA's biggest fan, I know a large amount of people & bloggers that have had horrible experiences with customer service & the products can be really hit or miss in terms of quality, but a new product caught my eye, the Power Pouts. 

As you can see, it's another lip crayon offering, a la Clinques Chubby Sticks, or Revlons Just Bitten. These lip products seem to getting more & more popular, and in true MUA style, they've cottoned on. The packaging is literally the same as any other lip crayon, a thick sturdy plastic. 

Again, like all the other lip crayons out there, it's a thick point & it twists up from the bottom much like a lip balm. This one twists up, and more importantly back down very easily.

Broken Hearted is a deep rich pink, but because it's a balm the colour is slightly more muted than it would be if it was a lip stick or a lip gloss. 

It's no secret that I'm not a fan of overly bright lips, but I really adore this colour of the lips, it's bright yet still really wearable. However unlike other lip crayons there isn't a hint of stickiness, it has more of a lip balm feel to it, and when I looked at the ingredients it actually contains Beeswax. As for wear time, it has quite minimal transfer when drinking & eating, and when it does start to fade it does so evenly. It also makes the lips look really nice as it doesn't cling to any imperfections.

So, even though I usually dislike MUA products, I give these a big, big thumbs up! And, another big positive is that they aren't a bank breaker, at £3 each here, you could pick up 3 & have change from a tenner. I'm already planning to pick up another from the range of 6 shades.

So ladies, what are you MUA's hits & misses? 


Friday, 12 April 2013

NYC In A New York Minute Quick Drying Top Coat

Hello ladies. 

Last week I had to admit that my beloved Essie Quick Dry top coat had finally got too thick & goopey to use, which was very annoying as I still had around half a bottle left! So as someone who paints their nails regularly, I needed another, quick! With limited funds & a good recommendation I picked a cheapy one up in Superdrug, NYC's A New York Minute Quick Drying Topcoat. 

NYC isn't a brand I've used much, so I wasn't really sure what to expect from it. As far as packaging goes it's pretty standard, a plain bottle with a see through sticker. 

The first thing I noticed about the NYC top coat was it's consistency, it has to be the thinnest top coat I've ever come across, it's closer to water than nail varnish. But for a cheap top coat that is fairly normal, so I gave it a little test. It applied quite nicely, the brush is a little more fanned out than I'd like but because it's so watery it doesn't really matter. 

There is however one problem with the NYC. It isn't quick drying. At all. It took about a minute for it to semi dry, and several more minutes for it to stop being annoying & tacky, and I did have to re do several nails because I thought it was dry & in fact it was still a little tacky. The Essie top coat I had was completely dry within a minute, so maybe I was expecting too much from it, but it dried slower than any nail I own, and as it claims to be quick drying! As for protecting from chips it does fairly well, several days chip free, so not all is lost, I just don't think I can use a non quick drying top coat anymore!

If you wanted to try the NYC top coat for yourself, it costs £1.79 from Superdrug here, however I will be replacing this soon! 

Have you ladies tried this top coat? Could you recommend a quick drying top coat that isn't a bank breaker?