Tuesday, 30 April 2013

April Favourites

Hello ladies. 

Aprils been and gone ladies, and how?! It's still Christmas in my mind!

I've found some new bits this month I've fallen in love with & one older purchase I've rediscovered.

One. MUA Power Pout Balm & Lip Tint in Broken Hearted - Review here
I'm not the biggest fan of MUA, and I've never found anything that I've used more than once or twice, but I've gone back to this lip tint / chubby stick dupe time after time this month. I love it, it's really easy to apply & it's the first time I've felt confident wearing a brighter lip colour out of the house. I'm kind of tempted to pick up another couple! 

Two. Lush Forum Special Perfume in Creamy Candy. 
This was a special perfume that's only available for one weekend in November & every year Lush make 4 or possibly 5, different perfumes that are voted in by people on the forum, and one of last years was Creamy Candy, which is pretty much the Snow Fairy scent, if a little more sharp. I've recently rediscovered this perfume as when I first received it I was shocked at how tiny it was, and annoyed I hadn't bought two! But I've finally stopped hoarding it & started actually using it & it's incredible, smells just like the bubble bar & the staying power is like no other perfume, you can smell it as much in the afternoon as you did when you first sprayed it on in the morning. I think I'll be taking to eBay for another! 

Three. MAC Select Sheer Pressed Powder - Review here
I've really enjoyed using this, it makes my face just feel a bit more matte & a little more "done up", I was worried it might break me out but so far so good! If I had one complaint I'd say I'd want them to be a fair bit cheaper, as I can see myself getting through a fair few of these!

Four. Zoya PixieDust in Chyna - Review here.
Normally, both matte & textured is something I'd steer well clear of, as I prefer glitter & high shine nail varnishes, but this is so pretty I made the exception, and actually fell in love with it. It's really eye catching, and looks a bit tougher than anything else I have. It's a bit of a pain to get off but it's totally worth it! 

So that's what I've been loving this month, how about you? 


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  1. I've always lusted after that Lush perfume xx



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