Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Kiehl's Facial Oil-Free Lotion Review

Hello lovelies. 

Kiehl's are a brand that I've only recently discovered, and so far loved everything I've tried. I mentioned the Facial Oil-Free Lotion in my post here & said I'd been road testing it to give it a proper review. 

The Kiehl's bottles are all vaguely similar, only the colour of the bottle changes from range to range, soft yet sturdy plastic with plain text, all very functional & to the point. I do tend to prefer something a bit more girly, but I actually really like the packaging for Kiehl's. The top flips opens & then has a fine nozzle to squeeze the lotion out of.

The lotion is white in colour & smooth in texture. Once applied to the face it's lightweight without being "not there" and absorbs instantly, leaving my skin soft without feeling heavy with product. I can't rave about this product enough! I've been using it every morning for around 3 weeks and my skin has been looking so much clearer, and feels soft all day. But there is one tiny problem with the it...

The price. For a smallish 125ml bottle (rather than the larger 250ml bottle) it will set you back a cool £24.00 here, although push comes to shove I think it's worth every penny! I personally picked mine up on eBay for around £11. I've also picked up the Kiehl's Oil-Free Toner because I'm loving this range so much, which I'll be reviewing soon too.

So ladies, have you tried anything from Kiehl's? What would you recommend?


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  1. I want this! Love Kiehls xx



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