Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Lynnderella Nail Varnish in When The Moon Was A Star Review & Where To Buy Lynnderella in the Europe

Hello lovelies. 

I previously blogged about my first Lynnderella nail varnish here, and well, one thing lead to another & I've ended up with another, one that was too perfect, When The Moon Was A Star. 

When The Moon Was A Star is a dark blue glitter with medium & small blue sequins, tiny specs of silver as well large silver & gold stars & moon sequins. It's a complex & utterly stunning polish. As for packaging I love the Lynnderella bottles, professional yet still indie looking. 

I painted one coat on the plain nail wheel so you could see the effect the polish gives on its own. The background colour of the nail varnish is a very very pale blue, so if you wanted to you could build the polish up to give full coverage, but I think you'd need at least 4 if not 5 coats, so with that in mind I decided to layer it over another polish, mainly to preserve the amount being used each time! 

Luckily as someone who likes blue nail varnish I had a few to choose from, but I went for Sinful Colors Blue By You. 

I painted one thin coat of the Sinful Colors, as the Sinful colours tend to be a little runny so you need to be careful you don't end up with too much on the nail & one coat of When The Moon Was A Star over the top & I much prefer how it looks! You could do two coats & get a more full on effect, but one still looks super pretty. 

So, last time I blogged about Lynnderella Nail Varnish I mentioned that they were pretty much impossible to get hold of in the UK, well that has changed! BUT, don't get too excited, just yet. 

Lynnderella is now being stocked by Norway Nails here, which dispatches to almost all of Europe for a flat fee of 39 NOK, which is roughly £4.44, which is a good price, however, the nail varnishes themselves... well... 

THEY COST A WHOPPING 239 NOK EACH! Which is roughly £27.19 each, yes each! That is over £30 with shipping for one nail varnish... As beautiful as they are, I'm not sure any one nail varnish is worth over £30! So, unless you've got some lovely friends in the USA to send them to you, or your feeling rather flush, there still isn't a reasonably priced way to buy them in Europe, sigh! Personally I will be sticking to Nail Sale (here)!

So ladies, do you think one nail varnish is worth over £30?! How I wish there was a better way, a cheaper way, to buy them! 



  1. I wanted one of these until i saw the price and then I nearly passed out in shock. I wont go over £11!! So £30 is insane.

  2. Wow... that is a lot of money!! xx

  3. The glitter polish is beautiful, but over £27 for a nail polish is just too much! Even £10 is pushing it haha! xx

  4. That price is craaaazy!! Nice polish though :)

  5. That price for one polish is insane! I'm not a brand snob or anything, but I don't think I'd even pay that for something like Dior or... I dunno, Tom Ford or something! That aside, it is cute and I like all the different shaped large sequins!


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