Monday, 15 April 2013

New MUA Lip Product - Power Pout Colour Intense Tint & Balm in Broken Hearted

Hello ladies. 

Why can a simple trip to Superdrug to pick up some vitamins never end without a purchase? Oh well! Luckily it was only a cheapy one! I have to say I'm not MUA's biggest fan, I know a large amount of people & bloggers that have had horrible experiences with customer service & the products can be really hit or miss in terms of quality, but a new product caught my eye, the Power Pouts. 

As you can see, it's another lip crayon offering, a la Clinques Chubby Sticks, or Revlons Just Bitten. These lip products seem to getting more & more popular, and in true MUA style, they've cottoned on. The packaging is literally the same as any other lip crayon, a thick sturdy plastic. 

Again, like all the other lip crayons out there, it's a thick point & it twists up from the bottom much like a lip balm. This one twists up, and more importantly back down very easily.

Broken Hearted is a deep rich pink, but because it's a balm the colour is slightly more muted than it would be if it was a lip stick or a lip gloss. 

It's no secret that I'm not a fan of overly bright lips, but I really adore this colour of the lips, it's bright yet still really wearable. However unlike other lip crayons there isn't a hint of stickiness, it has more of a lip balm feel to it, and when I looked at the ingredients it actually contains Beeswax. As for wear time, it has quite minimal transfer when drinking & eating, and when it does start to fade it does so evenly. It also makes the lips look really nice as it doesn't cling to any imperfections.

So, even though I usually dislike MUA products, I give these a big, big thumbs up! And, another big positive is that they aren't a bank breaker, at £3 each here, you could pick up 3 & have change from a tenner. I'm already planning to pick up another from the range of 6 shades.

So ladies, what are you MUA's hits & misses? 



  1. This looks lovely on you, gorgeous shade!
    I think I may have to grab one or two of these.. Thanks for the review!!

    Jesss xo

  2. These look lovely, may have to hit superdrug tomorrow! x

  3. I debated buying one of these today and didnt because the queue was massive and I couldnt be bothered, now I wish I had, love the colour xx

  4. I expected that to be a lot more intense than it is when you've got it on your skin. I love it! X

  5. I like my Revlon Just Bitten but I'm interested to try one of these now x

  6. I love all these chunky lip pencils! I will have to investigate these ones now too :)

    I just got the Undress Me Too palette (which is supposed to be a UD Naked 2 dupe) and for £4 it has some seriously lovely shadows in it. I am so impressed with the texture and quality of them and I've used the palette loads!

  7. These look great! MUA are quite good at duping these more expensive products and making them affordable :)

  8. I want to try these but like (I know this is terrible) I always get put off that they're £3. I always tend to buy MUA on sale cause again is is hit and miss so I don't want to spend 3 pound if it sucks. This looks good though! Think I need a little swatch party! :D

  9. I've just bought one of these in Justify, a pinky orangey coral colour, and I love it!
    Some bits aren't great but all in all MUA offer some fantastic dupes! (especially that undressed palette!)

    Karen xx


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