Thursday, 11 April 2013

Thomas Who? A Purse Friendly Charm Alternative From Fossil

Hello lovelies. 

I have a confession, beauty isn't my first love. I've told people this previously & they've always been a bit taken a back, as I think with most beauty bloggers, beauty is their one love. But mine, mine is jewellery. Since I was little I was obsessed with jewellery, and even though I love beauty, I can take or leave most products & can only justify so much money on a single beauty item, but a good piece of jewellery... well that's for life! 

However! Good quality jewellery can get really expensive. Especially when it comes to silver or gold. In terms of charms for bracelets or necklaces, prices can get extremely eye watering, verrrrry quickly. Thomas Sabo or Pandora, your looking at a minimum or £30 each. So when I ventured in to Fossil the other day, a shop I wouldn't usually go in to, in search of a new bag (I love to overload my bag & it's starting to rip) a stand caught my eye. A stand with jewellery. Charms to be exact. 

Needless to say, I made a purchase! This little, perfect, snail charm! I didn't even know what Fossil did charms, but they had loads, or perfect enamel charms which were just adorable. If I had more money I come of purchased several. I picked the snail charm, as I personally think snails are an underrated animal & I'd been in search a snail necklace for years! He's really detailed, with ridges on the shell and tiny diamante eyes.

But when I went up to the stand, the first thing that surprised me was the price of them! As someone who is used to Thomas Sabo charm prices, £19 seemed like a bargain, as a TS price, for a charm with enameling, would be between £40 and £60! However, the charms are stainless steel, not silver as with Thomas Sabo, but stainless steel should still last & can be polished as with silver to make it shiny if it looses its sparkle. 

As I mentioned before, if I'd had more money I would of bought a lot more, so I thought I'd show you my other favourites. 

One. Watering Can Charm - £29 here.
This is one of my other favourites, and I think it would go great with the snail charm. I love the fact it's detail with water around the spout.

Two. Fortune Cookie Charm - £29 here
Fossil sold several different moving parts charms, but this one was my favourite as the cookie opens & it has a little note inside, nawwww.

Three. Orange Slice Charm - £19 here
I love the detailing on the slice of this charm & although I usually shy away from bling, but in this case its so perfectly done I actually really like it! 

Four. Sideways Butterfly Charm  - £10 here.
Although I love detail in jewellery, sometimes there is nothing better than something a little simple. This charm is pretty purse friendly as well. 

But as well as the charms, they do a whole range of bracelets & necklaces for charms as well (good move Fossil!) so I thought I'd show you my favourites. 

One. Leather Bracelet in Grey - £25 here
I like the circle design for the charm bracelets from Fossil, rather than individual loops so you can stick as many charms on it as you fancy. The leather cord makes it look much more casual than a silver bracelet. 

Two. Charm Starter Bracelet - £19 here.
This charm bracelet is really simple yet elegant, and although it's a starter so the circle for the charms is quite small it can look really nice with just a couple of charms on it. 

One. Stainless Steel Charm Starter Necklace - £29 here.
I love this one & would love to have this one to put my snail on. 

Two. Leather Charm Starter Necklace - £15 here.
The cheapest of all the starter necklace, and as with the bracelet, the leather cord gives it a more casual feel. 

So those are my picks, how about you? Anything from Fossil take your fancy?



  1. I'm a jewellery lover too! The Fossil charms are so lovely, I'm so impressed with the amount of detail on them! I really like the idea of the ring design charm bracelets and necklaces too, I'm not really a fan of the massively overloaded charm bracelet trend because I prefer delicate, pretty jewellery - but this seems a perfect way to pair up different charms to create endless different looks! Thanks for the heads up, I really had no idea they did jewellery!

  2. So lovely! The watering can is super cute too! <3

    Jennie xo |

  3. I wish there were a few more options for the charm bracelets (like one with more hoops for charms but not quite as expensive as the £45 one) because I want all the fruity charms! x

  4. Your snail is super cute :D
    I love the watering can & the orange slice!

    Jesss xo


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