Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Tuna Turns 1!

Hello lovelies. 

Just a quick post today to say it's Tuna's birthday, he turns 1 today! Although everyone including vets thinks he's at least 5 because he's so big! This time last year he looked a little something like this...

This is a snap of tiny Tuna sat on my lap when he was just a couple of days old! He was so small! When we bought him home he was still pretty tiny! 

Still pretty tiny! Now he looks a bit more like this... 

Oh yes, in the next few years I reckon Tuna has a really good chance at the long - cat title!

So ladies, what do you reckon? Long cat 2013? 



  1. Awww Tuna was mega adorable as a kitten, and has grown into a lovely young lady. Haha, she is pretty long too~

  2. Wow, I seriously can't believe he's one!

  3. Aw Happy Birthday Tuna xx

  4. Aww happy birthday to Mr Tuna! He is already THRICE the length of our five year old tiny runt cat, so I definitely think he's in with a shot at Long Cat fame!

  5. Aww he is super cute and definitely in the running for long cat title!

  6. Oh he's such a cutie, I thought he was older than 1! He is a very big cat for his age, I hope he can make that world record. ;)

  7. Cutiee, I think black and white cats are my favourite - although I do love them all! :P xx


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