Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Dove Maximum Protection Deodorant in Pomegranate & Lemon

Hello ladies. 

Ok, so blogging about deodorant might be a little strange, but bear with me! This, yes this deodorant has been on my lust list for such a long time. An being an eternal optimist, with the weather due to get warmer, any second now, and my current deodorant starting to run out, it seemed like the time to finally give it a go! You heard it first ladies, I have spent time thinking about deodorant. I must get out more!

OK, so this deodorant makes a huge amount of claims, including lasting up to 48 hours, even if you shower during that time (I know, I was skeptical too!) and claims to stop any dampness, as well as the usual Dove claim that it cares for your underarm at the same time. 

Packaging wise its pretty standard, an oval shaped tube with a lid & similar packaging on the tube as on the outer box, all standard but lets be fair - it's deodorant! What I do like however is that the tube is semi see through, so you can see the stick with the deodorant inside, which is a small, but fantastic idea, because I can't be the only one that's been caught short & had to nick the boyfriends/mums/house mates because you were sure there was a bit left and if you'd bought a new one last time you were in Boots it would of left you just short of that lipstick you just had to have! Well now you can see when it's getting low, and maybe the lipstick can wait, maybe.

Once you take off the lid you peel back a foil disk to reveal a grid pattern. It twists up from the bottom, and it does take quite a few clicks to force the deodorant up. Unlike traditional roll ons, it's not really a cream, but more of a thick paste. It does also have the lovely Dove scent, which I was worried would be lost. Once you've smeered it on it dries really quickly, which is why I always reach for sprays over roll ons, because I loathe feeling like I need to put my deodorant on half an hour before I get dressed! 

So, I gave some of the pie in the sky claims a little road test. I applied the recommended amount (2 clicks per armpit) after a shower, gave it a second to dry, got dressed & got on with my day. Not once during the day did I find myself feeling sweaty, even though I that day I did get a bit hot & bothered. That evening I felt just as fresh as I did in the morning, and even woke up the next morning feeling pretty fresh. 

I decided to test the claim that raised my eyebrows the most. That it continues working even after a shower. In theory, it could possibly work in that it will of absorbed in to the skin by the time you'd have that second shower. So I had a shower & did my normal thing, which yes does in include washing my armpits! Once dry I found myself automatically reaching for the deodorant, but remembered what I was doing, even though I found it very un-natural getting dressed without putting it on! This time around I did find myself wishing I had put some on, it still worked but not as well! 

So what's the verdict? It's amazing, but won't stand up to a shower, so every time you wash but some more on! I can see this being a real saviour during this summer which may or may not show it's face! 

It is a little on the expensive side however, at £5.30 (here) it's about 5x what I ideally like to spend on deodorant, so I'm saving this for warmer days when it will be most needed, but I am very impressed with the protection this gives. 

So ladies, have you tried this or the Sure version? If not what's your favourite, or like me, do you just buy what's on offer?



  1. You know my favourite deodorant :D x

  2. I've never tried this, but it seems really good :) Great review x


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