Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Etsy Wishlist

Hello lovelies. 

Etsy has to be one of my favourite websites to browse, and one of the most dangerous for my bank balance! I love browsing all the hand made & one off items you can find, and most of the time I'll find something 100x nicer than what I could pick up off the high street. If you make an account with Etsy it allows you to favourite items so you can make a little wish list, so I thought I'd share just a few bits I've been loving. 

(ALL images from corresponding links, they do not belong to me, full credit to the owners)

One. Eutopia Nail Varnish from Starrily - £6.82 here
I've spoken time & time again about my love of indie nail varnish, and a healthy portion of that comes from Etsy. I love glitter nail varnish & I love butterflies, so butterfly glitter seems to be something I should own. The only thing stopping me buying is that the shipping is £10, so I'd probably need to buy a few to make it worth my while.

Two. Bamboo Octopus Wall Clock from Graphicspaceswood - £40.92 here
I love love love this clock & pretty much any of the other clocks in their shop! They are all amazing shapes & I know this is technically meant to be a childs clock but I can't see any reason for that to stop me! I love anything made of wood, and personally I don't think wood is used enough any more!

Three. Bumble Bee Breakaway Cat Collar from MogsTogs - £6.48 here.
This one wouldn't so much be for me but for lovely Tuna. He's recently outgrown his kitten collar so I need to get him a full sized collar, and this one would certainly be dashing!

Four. Rainbow Anywhere Clip from VelvetVolcano - £8.50 here
This is so blingtastic, I just adore it. Velvet Volcano are also a UK based shop, who makes the most spectacular blingy jewellery, and this rainbow would make a beautiful brooch. 

Five. Little Sloth Necklace from Marymaryhandmade - £28.64 here.
This has been on my wishlist for the longest time, probably coming up to around 2 years, and every time I look at it I want it more and more. The whole shop has amazingly detailed silver animals & objects, with faces! It's exactly my sort of thing & next time I have enough money in my paypal I think I'm just going to buy it!

Six. Wool Felt French Barrette by Loftfullofgoodies - £7.50 here.
Another one that's been sat on my wishlist for a long time. I love the idea of a barrette especially with curls, but as my hair is really thick I'm just not sure it would hold my hair back, but this one is just adorable. I love flat bows, I think they sit really nicely in the hair. Another I think I will give in & order soon! 

So that's it ladies, do you use Etsy? If so what's your favourite shop? 



  1. Cute wish list, love the cat collars xx

  2. I NEED that octopus clock x

  3. Oh my those cat collars. Flick and Kitty need them! x

  4. When I am rich the first thing I'm going to buy is that Octopus clock. It's love!


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