Sunday, 5 May 2013

MAC Baking Beauties Haul

Hello lovelies. 

This was a bit of an accidental haul, that actually happened over two days. I need to learn that when new collections hit MAC I need to stay away! That combined with Debenhams running a triple points on beauty promo, well I'm not one to turn down a deal...

The Baking Beauties, just like any other collection from MAC, is super beautiful! So here's what I bought. 

Pearlmatte Face Powder in Pink Buttercream. 

This was the item I actually planned to buy, the Pearlmatte face powders don't get a lot of love, and I can kind of see why, they are very sheer, but I love them! I am paper white & I find them very buildable, but if you were even vaguely tanned I think they would be harder to see on the skin. 

All sides swirled together create a really soft, pink girly colour, but you can also isolate the white on the outside of the pan to use as a very pretty white highlighter.

MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Let's Skate. 

This was what I bought the day after, after cutting through Debenhams to get the bus. This is a new product for me, having never actually tried any of the paint pots before. Although Let's Skate is part of the Baking Beauties collection, I think it's a shade that has been included rather than a new shade as I'd seen Let's Skate mentioned by the lovely & ever so beautiful Fleur De Force on here YouTube channel a while back. I swatched this the day before on my hand, and talked myself out of buying it, but as I nipped through Debenhams I swatched it again, and just as I got outside I looked at my hand & turned around and bought it, and here's why...

The corner of Debenhams that MAC is in is really dark, so when I swatched it, it looked pretty but not quite special enough to justify, but when I got outside, and the light hit it. MOTHER. OF. GOD. It's a beautiful pink base colour, with a huge amount of gold shimmer that in natural light, is about the prettiest eye colour I've ever seen. I've not really used a cream eyeshadow before, but the consistency of this paint pot seems really nice, it's soft & creamy when it's being applied but dries really well, to the point you can rub it with your fingers & it doesn't shift, hurrah! I have heard that the paint pots dry up quite quickly, but I honestly don't think it will last long enough for that!

So that's my MAC haul, and I won't be touching my card for at least a couple of weeks! How about you ladies? Are you lusting after anything from MAC at the moment?



  1. I have Let's Skate and I'm obsessed with it!

  2. I always have something from MAC on my wishlist! I REALLY want to try a paint pot! xx

  3. How beautiful are they? xx

  4. The powder is soooo beautiful! x

  5. I love that powder. I need it! I've heard such great things.
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