Friday, 3 May 2013

Magazine Freebie: They're Real Mini Mascara with Elle

Hello ladies.

I can't be the only one that looks up whats free with Magazines, right?! It's a fab way to try mini's or occasionally full sized bits & bobs you wouldn't usually try at the fraction of the price. Oh, and you seem to get a free magazine chucked it with it ;) This months offering from Elle is a mini They're Real mascara, which is apparently the best selling high end mascara in the U.K.

It really is a diddy little mascara but it has the full sized wand, but it's no bad thing that its diddy as I've had the full sized & I found it dries out really quickly, so I hope to actually finish this one! It's a really good mascara when it's new so if you like it I'd say grab a few copies & keep them closed until you want to use them.

I think this magazine is going to fly off the shelves so you'll probably have to be quick if you want one. Elles price tag is what you expect from a high fashion magazine, i.e way too expensive, at £4 it's the most I'd pay for a magazine I have no interest in just for the freebie, but I'll still give it a flick through. 

So ladies, any other freebies I should know about this month? 



  1. Such an amazing freebie, my all time fave mascara :)

    Sophierosehearts x

  2. oooo i really like this mascara, thanks for the tip i have to get this little one too :D xx

  3. I've picked this up too :-) the magazine itself really isn't my cup of tea though! xx

  4. Ooh thanks for the tip! I love this mascara and Boots sell that mini for a tenner so getting it for £4 is really good. Every year (around summertime) for the last couple of years Glamour give away a free Benefit mini too - it's great because they're magazine is only £2 and there are normally 3 items to choose from. So for £6 you could get all three! x


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