Thursday, 30 May 2013

May Empties

Hello ladies.

It's the end of May, so it's time for another empties! I think I've done quite well this month at finishing up quite a few large bits I've had for ages, so here's whats headed towards the recycling tonight!

This little vanity bag from Primark has been stuffed full, I could probably of done with two of these!

One. Macadamia Deep Repair Masque. 
I love love loved this masque, it's really thick so you only need the smallest bit so it's lasted me for well over 6 months. However, it's not a cheap masque, even at the cheapest price it's just under £15, so although I'd like to repurchase I think I'm going to try out a few different, cheaper, alternatives and if those let me down I will repurchase this at some point in the future. 

Two. Pantene Pro-V Coloured Hair Shampoo. 
I always thought that I really liked Pantene, until I bought this. It lathered really badly & left my hair feeling dry, and on top of that I think it made my scalp itchy, which is the first time any shampoo has ever done that. Deffo wouldn't repurchase!

Three. The Little Bubble Co Mango Delight Shower Gel. 
I liked this shower gel but I didn't love it. It was just slightly on the runny side but it smelt lovely & at around £3 for 500ml it's really purse friendly, so I'd possibly repurchase at some point in the future. 

Four. L'Occitane Feuilles Magiques Shower Gel. 
This was part of a gift set I was given for Christmas, and I have a few bits in this scent, which is fab as it was a limited edition. It was an amazing shower gel, really thick & it also has small scrubby bits in which was really nice. To me, it smells exactly like lemon grass which is one of my favourite scents of all time. I don't know if this will come back this Christmas, but I'd probably splash out on a big bottle if it does. 

Five. Bath & Body Works Tropical Sorbet Float Anti Bac Hand Soap. 
The BEST hand soap, hands down. It's thick & has anti bac beads in, plus the scent lasts and lasts on your hands. Plus, they smell amazing, like just amazing! I've already got another 2 of these stashed away, but when those two run out I will certainly be buying some more. I just wish it was easier to buy, however eBay has a plentiful supply so that's not too bad! 

Six. Etude House Peach Panda Hand Cream. 
I'll admit it, I bought this just for the packaging, and I regret nothing! It was an alright hand cream, probably no better than anything you could buy from Poundland, but it kind of did the job & it smelt of peaches! I doubt I' repurchase as I've got what I bought it for, the packaging! 

Seven. Burt's Bees Beeswax & Banana Hand Cream. 
This hand cream is amazing, amazing for really, really dry hands as it's beyond thick. Less cream for thick paste. But it really does leave the hands baby soft! I've got a real glut of hand cream at the moment so I won't be buying this any time soon, but possibly in the future. 

Eight. Nivea Refreshing Facial Wash Gel. 
This was a bit of a nothingy product. It wasn't bad but I didn't love it either. I'm pretty sure I bought it as it was on offer at the time & I really needed some. I probably wouldn't repurchase, however I am still on the hunt for a really good face wash I will go back to rather than using once.

Nine. Clearasil Facial Wipes.
I picked these up as although I love using Bioderma, sometimes late at night it can be a bit of a chore, so I thought I'd try some facial wipes again, and no. No no. No idea if it was just these or if it's all face wipes in general, but I found these so scratchy & they made my eyes sting something crazy. I ended up using these to wipe up spills! I am firmly back to Bioderma again! 

Ten. Shu Uemura Ultime8 Cleaning Oil. 
I've heard so many good things about this oil, so when I was given a couple of samples I was thrilled, but.. It's alright. I know some people can't live without it but it was just ok, it took make up off well & left the skin soft but the full sized bottle (450ml) is an eye watering £72! It didn't wow me enough for £7.20, let alone £72. No full sized for me! 

Eleven. Philosophy Purity Cleanser. 
I quite liked this, it left my face feeling really clean & it smells lemony which I like, however I'd want to try it a few more times before committing to a full sized.

Twelve. Kiehl's Ultimate Strength Hand Salve.
I loved this hand cream, I got about 5 uses from this little 5ml sachet as it's so thick you need the tiniest bit. But again, I have so many hand creams at the moment I really shouldn't buy again! 

Thirteen. L'Occatine Jasmin & Bergamot.
I liked this perfume, but the full sized bottle is £49, which I could get a bottle of Dior for! Nice to try but no dice, L'Occitane.

So that's what I've finished up, how about you lovely ladies? 



  1. Fab bunch of empties and I want to try something from Bath and Body Works and I love the Banana Hand Cream x

  2. I really want to try the banana hand cream x


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