Sunday, 19 May 2013

Tatty Devine Dog On Wheels Necklace & What I Got In My Lucky Dip

Hello ladies. 

I have a confession. Beauty is not my first love. This seems like a real faux pas seeing as this is primarily a beauty blog, but as someone who barely wore make up until I was 18, there was something before, jewellery. Among my favourite jewellery brands, Tatty Devine has to be high up on the list. So when a few weeks back Tatty Devine had their annual Sample Sale & released the lucky dip boxes online, I was sold & made a little order. 

So, I debated ordering a couple of lucky dips, but decided to order a necklace I'd been lusting after for a while. 

I ordered the dog on wheels necklace, this was originally a collaboration piece with Sebastien & Belle, but it only came as a brooch, and as much as I loved it I always wanted it as a necklace. So when it came out a mainline piece as a necklace I was sold!

The dog itself is made of wood, with plastic wheels & a plastic bone, but it also has adjustable ears, so you can make it a surprised doggie if you wanted too! As with all Tatty Devine, its not cheap, so this necklace comes in at £30, and I know that's a fair bit for a necklace but I do love it, and as someone who rarely spends much on clothes... It's a weak justification I know but I just loved it!

If you follow me on instagram (jetley is my user name if you fancy) you might of seen I wore it last week, and I just adore it! 

But the main reason I made an order was to get a lucky dip box. These boxes came in two sizes, a small box for £15 which would have 2 to 3 items in, and a large box for £35 which would have around 4 to 5 items in. It wasn't just a couple of previous collections you could receive, it could of been anything from any collection from the last 15 years. As I prefer the smaller bits from Tatty Devine I decided to go for the smaller £15 box, as I thought it was less likely I'd get a large piece. But, I've never been very lucky when it comes to things like this...

So, my reasoning was very wrong! I received a massive film reel necklace, a doily ring & some little bow earrings. I was just a little bit gutted, so I was going to put it all on eBay but I saw on the Tatty Devine Facebook page that every weekend after the sample sale & lucky dip weekend they open up a swap shop forum, so if you didn't get something you liked you could swap it, which was a fantastic idea! I took my bits on the forum & managed to set up some swaps, so here's what I swapped for. 

First up, I swapped the doily ring for this dandelion seed necklace. Its a cluster pendant necklace with two charms and two little beads. I like this necklace but it's a bit of an odd length so I'm not sure if I will keep this, but I might try giving it a wear and seeing if I like more with the right clothes. 

Now this swap I was so unbelievably chuffed with. I swapped my film reel necklace for this amazing party popper brooch! This brooch actually started my love for Tatty Devine! I saw it on a girls bag years a go & love it so I went home and googled it, and up popped Tatty Devine! So I am so pleased to finally own this! 

I ended up keeping the little bows, nothing something I would of picked for myself but I think they will get at least some wear.

So, after a a bit of faff the lucky dip worked out really nicely! Did any of you get a lucky dip box? Were you pleased with what you got?



  1. I love the part popper brooch (^_^) x

  2. I've never bought anything from tatty devine! I love the dog necklace and the bow earrings x

  3. LOVE that necklace! I saw it on your Instagram and had to like it. :) Great price too for something so nice and with a great company. :)

  4. How lucky you got your brooch!

  5. So pleased you got your stuff swapped for things that you love (especially the brooch you'd liked for ages). I'd have been all over that necklace if I hadn't liked everything that came in my box!
    Love the dog on wheels too - so adorable and the suprised doggie is the cutest.



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