Wednesday, 22 May 2013

The Oops Haul - Feat Primark, M&S, Superdrug & More

Hello ladies. 

Hands up if you've ever been to shops, looking for bits, and found next to nothing for months on end, and then suddenly, out of the blue, you find something in every shops, without even looking. Well that's what happened to me today, it's not the hugest haul but it's the most I've bought in months so I thought I would share. 

First thing is this panda tote bag from Primark. It was adorable but I actually bought it as when I left the flat in the morning it was grey, cold & looked like it might rain, so I put my coat on. And obviously, because I'd bought it with me, by lunch it was warm & sunny, and I was melting, so rather than carrying it around I bought this to stick it in, but it actually turned out to be useful for all the bits I bought throughout the day! It was only £1.50, and it has a panda on! 

Next up, from Primark again, is this floral watercolour dress. Just going to mention, this is the most money I have, or ever will pay for a Primark dress, because at £17 it was just shy of £20, and that's a hell of a lot of money for a Primark dress, but, BUT, it is an almost perfect fit. It's a really pretty, flattering shape, and it's lined. I tried it on thinking there was going to be something wrong with it, and to be honest there usually is with Primark dresses, but no, of course it was perfect! It reminds me of a similar-ish dress from Ted Baker that tipped just over £250, so, if you look at it that way... I'm surely saving money?! No?? Ok, but still, first & last time I pay that much in Primark! 

What really drew me to the dress was this butterfly on the chest, as I've been looking for a butterfly dress for months. I thought since it was summer I'd be able to find at least a couple, but no, I have no idea where all the lovely summer florals have gone! 

Next up is these green velvet, every so slightly blingy bow, flats from a shop in The Galleries called "Everything £5" which funnily enough sells everything, for £5. It's mainly clothes but they also have a good selection of shoes. I recently bought some flats, that got trashed in the rain so I didn't want to pay much so soon since buying another pair. I ended up buying them in a size up as the sizing was a little on the small side, but they are super comfortable & soft. They probably won't last too long but oh well! 

Next up was this bra from M&S, which was my super bargain find of the day. I don't often look in M&S for bras, but I'd nipped in to use the loo so thought I'd have a browse to see what was new, and then I came across a sale rail. Now with bras in the sale, I usually find they are varying shades of "greyridge" a hybrid of grey & beige. And just as I was looking away I came across this baby blue bra with pink lace in my size, reduced from £17.50, to a whole £3! Now as someone who has often had to pay out £20+ for bras, this is the best deal I've ever found! 

Poundland up next, and by the time I got there I was feeling a bit peckish & it shows! I love the Thortons fudge & the Henry Goodies liquorice, so I grabbed them & then forgot to eat any of it! Oh well they won't go to waste. 

Next I picked up this Nicole by OPI Modern Family nail varnish in She's Lily Something, which I'd been in to Superdrug four times to try & get but it was always sold out, until today there was a couple left & I grabbed it with both hands. I won't say too much about it because I want to review it soon, but it's a pink sparkle with hot pink stars. Too beautiful! They are slightly pricey at £7.99, but I'm in love with it!

 Last up I popped in to an independent shop called Rock Paper Scissor, which stocks locally sourced crafts such as jewellery, mugs, t shirts, art prints and so on, it's seasonal so it's only recently reopened for Spring, and I couldn't resist one of the new Julia Davey brooches! She's from Bath, just a stones throw from Bristol & I adore her mugs, so I just couldn't resist! It was around £6.50, which I'm more than happy to pay for independent pieces.

So that's it ladies, how about you? Have you found anything good recently?



  1. Oh god that dress is gorgeous, you are totally justified in spending £17 on it. I just wish I had £17 so that I could copy you! x

  2. I have those shoes, they are so comfy xx

  3. The bag is so cute! I love Panda's :D

    Ash xx

  4. Gorgeous buys. M&S are great for bras!

    Sophierosehearts x

  5. Where is Rock Paper Scissors? I want to visit! LOVE the dress xx

  6. I'm forever having months of not seeing anything I wish to buy and then like buses everything comes at once and then I'm poor. xD

    I love that panda bag, so cute! I might get one for when I go shopping to pop everything into. :)


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