Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Veet Easy Wax Electrial Roll On Review - The Most Frustrating Product I've Used This Year

Hello ladies.

I was recently sent the Veet Easy Wax by BzzAgent, a product testing website, to product test! I've tested out a few products with BzzAgent before, but mainly food products, so it was fun to have something related to beauty to try out, so I thought I'd write a review here too.

I was sent both the Easy Wax Electrical Roll-On kit with the starter items in & a sensitive refill for doing your bikini line & underarms.

The starter kit contains the applicator in a very girly pink & white, a 50ml refill, 12 non woven strips, 4 clean up wipes, a base to hold the device up right, a cable with a plug & an instruction leaflet. I was excited to give this a whirl as I'd been eyeing it up in Boots, as on the box it makes a massive amount of claims, including clean application, simple & easy to use & can be used on hairs as short as 2mm. This was my first experience of waxing my legs, so I was slightly nervous as I know how much having my eyebrows waxed can sting! 

Once you plug it in, you need to leave it for a while, or according to the instructions "After 20 minutes the wax is ready for application. If the wax does not come out easily leave for at least an additional 5 minutes. No no, Veet, no no. I would say leave it for at least 40 to 45 minutes before even trying to get any wax out. At least, if not closer to an hour. 

After rolling the wax up your leg (which has the looks & consistency of pre chewed bubblegum) you need to quickly stick the sheet on top & rub it to make it stick to the wax. First time I did it I rubbed it on really firmly & and waited a minute to let the wax stick, braced myself for the pain & ripped it back and....

Nothing. Literally nothing bar the wax sticking to my leg a little, literally nothing. No hair removed & most of the pink goop still on my leg. I reached for the clean up sachets to take it off, and found a really dry sheet with a small amount of oil, which was about as effective at taking of wax as a tissue would be. So, seeing as it was my first go I assumed I had done it wrong, so I tried again, and again. And again. 

I tried leaving the strip on for different amounts of time. I tried using different amounts of wax. Different areas of the leg. I tried for an hour to get any results, and bar the odd hair (and I mean odd, after an hour I'd removed 5 single hairs) nothing. More pink goop, more residue. After an hour I was beyond frustrated. I'd watched several videos on how to get it to worked, read the instructions over and over, and was just about to give up when it dawned on me, maybe it was to do with the length of my hair, so I decided to try a small patch on my boyfriends leg. 

Needless to say, he has hairy legs. So I decided if it didn't work for him, it didn't work. So I reached for the only method that had removed a few hairs for me, putting on a medium to thick layer of wax on & then leave the strip for a couple of minutes & rub it, rub it until the skin around it is pretty much raw. I pulled back the strip, expecting to find a lot of hair. No. No no. It had removed some of the hairs, some. 

So. After a huge amount of effort, annoyance and aggravation, I'd successfully removed about 10 hairs, and left a huge amount of sticky goop on my skin. Salon results I think not.

I used 5 of the 12 strips & 2 of the 4 clean up sachets in my efforts. And nothing. I tried and tried to get this to work, and I really wanted it to. But it doesn't. But to double check it wasn't just me, or I was doing it wrong, I asked around a couple of ladies I knew that were testing this as well, and same problem, couldn't get it to work any which way. I honestly think you'd have more success in waxing your legs with cellotape. A massive disappointment! Now pass me the razor! 

So ladies, have you tried this? Did you have any luck with it at all? 



  1. Oh man, products like this never work out...there's a reason wax used to be salon only! x

  2. that sounds like such a disappointment! i had similar trouble with another veet wax hair removal product, it literally removed no hair at all and left this residue that only hot water and soap could get rid of. i thought i was doing something wrong, it's good to know that it's the product's fault and not my own though. x

  3. What a HUGE disappointment! I remember when this first came out and I contemplated buying it to try as Boots had it on offer for £15... Boy am I glad I didn't purchase now. It didn't even work on your boyfriends leg, that's just shameful on Veet! It sounds like you did everything right so it's the product that's wrong.

    We have a salon waxing kit at home and it's definitely the best way to wax, but it can get messy. If you have the cash and don't mind the pain, go salon!


  4. I swear that home waxing systems never work! I've tried products by Veet before and like this, they never removed any hairs! The only waxing I've found to have worked is at college in my Beauty course, I think going to a salon is the only option for waxing! Such a shame it didn't work, at least you've warned up not to try this kit :) Great honest review! xx


  5. I use veet on my legs, but the one that you rub between your hands to warm up. It works just fine for me and is relatively easy and mess free, would definitely recommend that one! my legs were nice and smooth afterwords, summer ready!

    Teffy || Teffys Perks Blog


  6. Oh this sounds a bit rubbish :o( xx


  7. Totally agree! I had this and found the exact same issues as you. :(

  8. I've never tried waxing at home but after reading this I don't think I'll bother! What a disappointing product!

    Claire x



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