Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Yankee Scents 4 U Haul - The Place To Buy Rare & Old Yankee Candles & Tarts

Hello lovelies.

It's no secret that I love Yankee Candles. From tarts to full sized jars, they are just divine, and they have a huge range of scents. But that range can suddenly get bigger. Much, much bigger. Older scents, rarer scents, American exclusives, the list goes on. YankeeScents4U is a website that not only stocks current ranges, but very old, very rare scents, and I've had the longest wishlist for at least a year, but a new release finally tipped me over the edge, from just lusting to an actual order! 

I ordered a mix of a candle & some tarts, some people like either tarts or candles but I like both!

This was actually my reason for ordering, one of the new Cool Pops in Mango Nectarine. These are part of the "Eat Dessert First" range, which last year was different cakes, but for S/S is ice creams! The cool pops come in 5 different scents (almost typed flavours, but I don't reccomend you eat these!) Mango Nectarine, Melon Lime, Triple Berry, Banana & Blueberry & Pineapple & Coconut, so if you like fruit scents I'm sure there will be one you like. I decided to go for a small tumbler, but I kind of wish I'd got a large, it smells like freshly squeezed mango! These cost £11.99 for a small & £19.99 for a large here.

Next I ordered a couple of tarts, from the USA & Retired tarts & samples section on the website here, and if I'm honest I could of ordered a hundred, but I decided to reign it in a little! I went for Lemon Lime, Hazelnut Coffee, Cherry Lemonade, Orange Dreamsicle, Cucumber & Cantaloupe, Sugared Plums & Strawberry Guava. Out of all of them I think Orange Dreamsicle is my favourite, and will be hunting down a full sized jar as soon as possible! At £1.75 they are slightly more expensive than tarts you'd buy in a shop (£1.25) but this is understandable & on eBay you could expect to pay upwards of £2 plus postage. 

Next I ordered some samples from the Old & Damaged section here, which offers discounts of on tarts, candles, accessories etc that have a little damaged. But these samples are made from broken candles, melted down & made in to home made tarts. I ordered one of Banana Blueberry (one of the Cool Pops) as I wasn't sure if I'd like the scent or not, it's ok but glad I didn't order a jar & Raspberry Sorbet, an American exclusive scent, which I thought I would love, and I do! It's amazingly crisp, and I really want to ordered the full sized jar, which is stocked on the website, but at £30, I will need to think about it a little more! They also gave me two samples of Plumeria, a floral scent & True Rose which is just that, Rose! Which was really nice of them! 

I have to say that ordering from the website was really easy, even if the website is a little bit clunky. I ordered on Friday evening & it arrived this morning so postage was quick & a flat fee of £3.95, and I was super impressed that I received a text yesterday telling me my parcel would arrive the next day, and I was also given the option to rescheduled or to get them to leave it with a neighbour. 

So ladies, any older scents grabbing you? Or which is your current favourite scent?



  1. I love Yankee Candles, definitely going to make an order. Cherry lemonade sounds so nice x

  2. These are great, I love the look of the Cherry Lemonade! I bet that smells amazing :)
    Great web find!
    Vicki x


  3. What a fab site find...I'm a bit Yankee obsessed at the moment!

  4. OMG I'm already obsessed with Yankee Candles and now I've seen Cherry Lemonade, I want to buy more x



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