Friday, 28 June 2013

Bare Minerals Luminizer In Shining Moment & A Big Thank You

Hello lovelies. 

A few weeks back the lovely, and ever so talented Sailor Jennie wrote a really interesting post about products that she didn't like (link) & offered to pass them on to people who fancied giving them a go. She was kind enough to send me the Bare Mineral Luminizer in Shining Moment, so I thought I'd give it a little review. 

Shining Moment is a gold toned luminizer powder compact. I can't say I've had a massive amount of Bare Minerals products, but the one other product I have is an eye pigment which I've nearly finished because I love it, so I had the highest hopes for loving this! 

The luminizer comes in a pearly white square compact made of high quality plastic, with the BareMinerals logo on the front & a mirror inside the lid. 

The luminizer has a gorgeous art deco-ish pattern stamped over the top. I personally adore patterns on any powder, I think it just makes it look pretty! 

Swatched, it's a gorgeous gold toned colour which has an almost metallic edge, it's just so shiny! It really makes the cheek bones pop. I've found reach for this daily, and I just love it! 

Another big thank you to the lovely Sailor Jennie for sending this to me, and if you don't follow her go follow her! I adore her blog, I've followed her for as long as I've blogged and she really is a lovely lady! 

So ladies, seeing as I don't know much about the brand, do you have a favourite BareMinerals product? If so throw some recommendations my way! 



  1. That was so nice of her to send you it :) I've never tried anything from Bare Mineral so I can't recommend anything, sorry x

  2. Aw what a lovely thing to do and it's great you love it... I have never used anything from the Bare Minerals range either, though I have read alot of posts from bloggers who go xx

  3. Aww yay, I'm so glad you love it & it's gone to a good home! <3

    Jennie xo |


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