Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Colours Of The Rainbow Tag

Hello lovelies.

I've seen this tag going around for a while & thought I'd do it too! The general idea is to do the colours of the rainbow & pick out beauty item of that colour.

I found coming up with all but two of the colours pretty easy, but more on that later! 


Red was an easy one, from lipstick to perfume I have a lot in red, however I went for these two. Dot by Marc Jacobs, a perfect light floral summery fragrance which since the weather has picked up I've been wearing a lot more. Zoya Pixie Dust in Chyna is the only textured nail varnish I own & even though it's matte it still has a sparkly pop. 


Orange seems to be mainly fragrance, first up is my all time favourite perfume, Orla Kiely by Orla Kiely, it's quite heavy so it's not great for summer but I still love it. The Body Shop Satsuma body spray isn't just orange in colour, it's also vaguely an orange. These sprays are amazing, really light & fresh for days I want to smell like fruit! 


Nail varnish seems to the name here. Nubar Grass Green Glitter is an amazing mid green high glitter nail varnish, but OPI Green is The New Black is a bit more cool toned & I tend to use it under multi coloured glitter. 

Indigo & Violet.

Ok, so this is the aforementioned two colours I really struggled with. I own nothing that is violet or indigo, no clothes, no beauty products, nothing! The closest thing I own is my purple glittery tangle teezer, the only hair brush to ever grace my hair these days!


For blue I picked Kiehl's Ultra Facial Oil - Free Lotion, an amazing every day face lotion that leaves the skin feeling matte & shine free. I've only tried a few bits from Kiehl's but I adore what I have tried so far, if a little pricey. 


For pink I could honestly picked about 15 different products, as I seem to go for different pinks time after time. MAC Pink Buttercream is my newest addition to the pink clan but it's beautiful, very sheer & buildable at the same time as being super soft. Stila Love At First blush is not only pink, but 3 different shades of pink! When it was new it had very obvious hearts but as I love wearing this shade they have faded a fair bit.

Multi Coloured.

Another one I could of picked a fair few, but decided to go for my most multi coloured products, which of course was nail varnish! Dollish Polish who lives in a pineapple is a white based polish with pink stars, yellow squares & blue circles that I really love wearing! Pretty & Polished King of C-C-Cool is a blue based polish with white diamonds, dark blue and yellow circles. 

So that's my tag! If you've done, or do one please leave me a link, I've really enjoyed reading this tag! 

So ladies, what colour do you seem to favour? You a red wearing woman or a pink favouring lady?



  1. Ooo I love this tag, definitely going to try it!
    really want that Body Shop orange spray, I bet it smells yummy! x

  2. Oh I really want Dot by Marc Jacobs, smells so good! x

  3. OOh I love your pink choice and I also want Dot xx


  4. Dot by Marc Jacobs is my favourite perfume at the moment. I love the bottle and don't think I'll throw it away when I run out. I can't wait until the new honey perfume is released this july, another gorgeous bottle with little bee striped butterflies!

    I've seen some good reviews on MAC Pink Buttercream so would love to give that a try.



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