Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Lifestyle: Making Money Stretch With Ikea's Bargain Corner

Hello lovelies.

If I was a very rich, or moderately rich even, I could spend a whole lot of money on homewear. I've had "my own place" for a number of years now & built up what I'd call a respectable collection of house stuff but something I've wanted for a good while now is a rug for the living room. However, rugs seem to be one of those things that are widely expensive, easily reaching the hundreds. I'm pretty lucky that I live a 10 minute walk from Ikea, and I do my food shopping right next door to it, so yesterday before the usual "how much milk do you think we will need?" my boyfriend & I popped in to Ikea for a bit of a mooch.

When I'm in Ikea I always like to check out bargain corner, which if you haven't been to Ikea before is an area usually right by the check out with heavily discounted items that usually have seen better days, either ex display or just rough housed a little. However, many years a go my mum used to work in bargain corner so I know there can be real finds, that with a bit of love can be really lovely again. So when I spotted a rug, a rug I would of considered at full price, I had to have it! However, it had seen better days.

The rug in question is this medium sized green rug with a square border of animals in the middle. If you've read my blog for a while you will probably know I adore animals on homewear so it was right up my street! But, as you can see it had seen better days, with quite a few marks on it. I'm always up for a challenge, and as it had been reduced to £10 I thought it was worth the risk!

I popped in to Tescos to pick up some carpet cleaner, and as I've used, and been impressed, Vanish Foam Carpet Cleaner before I went for that, which is usually around the £5 mark, but is currently on offer for £3.50. I've used this before and one bottle will last a hell of a long time. You spray the foam on to the carpet & lightly sponge it on to the area you want to clean with a damp foam sponge. You need to rub it in fairly hard without taking the foam off the area.

When your finished rubbing it in, you need to wait for around 2 hours for it to dry. When its dry there will be a little powder residue left which you can hoover up. If you possibly can stick you hoover up to a higher setting & give it a really good going over as it will help pull up more dirt. 

I gave it a good hoover & this was the results, which I have to say I'm pretty pleased with! It's not perfect but it's much better than it was, getting a lot of the darker stains on the edge off. I'm going to give the animals another going over at some point but for the time being I'm pretty pleased! 

Tuna is a big fan too!
I would recommend bargain corner to anyone, even if something looks a bit battered it can be fixed up & for a couple of hours work you can get something at a fraction of the original price. 

So ladies, ever been to bargain corner? Ever got anything you've fixed up? 


  1. I love IKEA bargain corner, I've only ever bought one thing from there but I always have to have a nose! We got a dining room table & four chairs there for £50, it was reduced because the grain wasn't perfect or something stupid like that, something completely unnoticeable anyway!

    I love your rug and it has come up lovely with the Vanish! x

    1. Thanks hun :D and yeah it's ridiculous why things end up in there but I'm not complaining :D always worth a good look x

    2. Amazing difference at a bargain price too! Well done you - good example of when a little hard work and tlc can really pay off. x


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