Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Moschino Pink Bouquet Perfume

Hello lovely ladies. 

Sometimes things sit on my wishlist for ages, and it's not that I want them less, it's just one way or another they just don't end up coming home with me. Since just after Christmas, Moschino Pink Bouquet landed itself firmly on my wishlist, but for one reason or another, lack of funds, another perfume, and so on, I never bought it. So when I popped in to Debenhams & saw that the gift set was half price... it seemed like fate! 

The bottle is full on girly girly,  the bottom half of the bottle is clear & the top half has a gorgeous pink metal with a hot pink lid. 

The fragrance itself is just beautiful. When first sprayed on the skin, to me it smells exactly like Pink Lady apples, really fresh & juicy. But once it has settled the fragrance picks up a really floral edge, but retains the sweetness. It's a very feminine super girly fragrance. It lasts really well on the skin, I sprayed it on at around 10 this morning & I can still smell it now, which is about 8 hours on so I'd say impressive lasting time too. A winner all round! 

I bought this 30ml bottle along with a shower gel & body lotion in the Debenhams sale for £21.50, but that doesn't seem to be online, but you can get a 30ml bottle here for just over £25. 

So ladies, what perfume are you loving at the moment?



  1. That's a really pretty bottle xx


  2. The bottle is really cute! It sounds pretty up my street, I might have to check it out, the price is good too!

    Milly x


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