Friday, 21 June 2013

My First Make Up From Guerlain: Ombre Eclat Eyeshadow Single in 183

Hello ladies. 

Guerlain is a brand I've always admired, for afar. Although stunning packaging will usually suck me in, the price was just too high for me, so I've tried to never get too attached! However when I was browsing the House Of Fraser yesterday... 

I ended up coming away with an eyeshadow! I've been on the look out for a new eyeshadow, and when I saw a big sale stand I decided to take a closer, much closer, look!

Half price! They had a few bits and bobs left in the sale, mostly lipglosses & lipsticks, a few bronzers and just one of the eyeshadows I fancied, so I decided it was fate & grabbed it with both hands. 

I picked the shade 183, a nudey to white shade, which I tend to wear on a day to day basis. And lets just take a minute and look at this packaging! It's a high shine silver plastic that almost feels like metal, that pops open to reveal a decent sized mirror & foam applicator. It also has the Guerlain logo stamped on to the pressed powder. It is the most ridiculously decadent looking eyeshadow I have ever seen, let alone owned! 

The eyeshadow itself is just stunning quality, although a powder it has a creamy silky feeling to it. Lets just say I like looking at it & I like using it. 

But down to the nitty gritty, would I pay full price for it? Well... No. I'm not sure I would pay £21.50 for any eyeshadow single! However I will be paying much closer attention to the sales and snapping up any cheaper Guerlain I can get my poor little mitts on! For just over £10 I feel it was worth every (half priced) penny!

So ladies, have you tried anything from Guerlain? Any recommendations for me to keep my eyes out for during the next sale? 



  1. Wow half off!!! That's an amazing deal! The packaging is stunning x

  2. Love the packaging and the swatch xx

  3. Such a pretty shade, and amazing you got it for half the price! Such a great beauty steal :) xo

  4. Oh it looks such a pretty shade and the packaging is divine! :)

    Florrie x


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