Sunday, 23 June 2013

What's In My (New) Handbag

Hello ladies. 

I've done this What's In My Handbag tag before, but not for well over a year so I thought, since I have a new bag, I'd do it again. I tend to be very loyal to one bag at a time, and when I get a new bag I tend to go through what was in the old one & take out bits and pieces that I don't reach for & generally declutter. 

My new bag is the pink & white hearts Zatchel bag, I've done a little review here if you wanted to see more of it.

Two handbag essentials, a purse & an umbrella. The umbrella is really small in a polka dot print that I picked up in the DotComGiftShop Christmas sale for something like 90p, and I hate carrying around massive umbrellas so this is a total winner for me. My purse is also fairly new, having only picked it up a few weeks ago after my previous purses zip bust, if you like the print it's from Gisela Graham. 

My iPod came to me in a fairly unusual way, from a bin! My boyfriend was at a friends house when the friends room mate was moving out, and he binned the iPod because it "didn't work", so my boyfriend asked if he could take it to try and fix it, and bought it home to me. It wasn't broken, it was just out of battery! This is essential to me, and not because of any "music is my life" reason, because I literally cannot stand listening to people talk on the bus, or worse still playing their own music of a tinny speaker, slightly irrational but it's true! 

My keys, again needed, with a couple of Bristol Zoo keyrings on it & a trolly token as all my local supermarkets require one. 

I picked up this fox pouch from the charity shop & use it to keep various tablets in. A little heart compact mirror, which if I'm honest I often forget I have but I do find I need it from time to time. 

Showing faith that the British summer might kick in, annnny day now I have not one, but two water sprays in my bag, one from Vichy which find is great for instant cool - down & one from TonyMoly bunny spray that is great for using on the face. 

I used to carry round a fairly full make up bag with me, but in all reality I very rarely used any of it, so I stuck a couple of little bits in to a purse. Two perfume samples in Flowerbomb & Prada Candy, a 17 Eyeshadow in case I'm in a massive rush it will do. 3 mini Essence lipglosses that are the perfect size, along with Benefit minis in Moon Beam & Stay Don't Stray. Lastly a generous mini lipgloss from Chanel. I also generally stick whichever lipstick I'm wearing that day in as well. 

I've spoken about these Bath & Body Works Anti Bac hand gels more often than is probably reasonable, but I do love them! I carry round two in case I'm in the mood for a different scent

Lipbalm is another essential I can't do without, nothing is more annoying than sore lips. 

Breathe spray from Primark in case of emergency! 

Lastly is my phone, an iPhone to be exact. I've had mine since the first week the 4 came out and it's in pretty good space, probably because I am so precious with it! I like to know where it is at all times, so I'm often opening my bag just to double check it's still there! I am actually due an upgrade, so this might change at some point soon. 

So that's it lovelies, that's what I'm lugging around with me, how about you? If you've done one of these posts link me! 



  1. I really need to get some of those hand gels! x

  2. Hand gels I've never used but I so want to try the Vichy water xx

  3. What size is your bag? I have a 14.5" one from Zatchels and I can barely fit anything into it!

    Love your blog x

  4. You carry loads around with you! I'm still so jealous of your bag. x


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