Monday, 10 June 2013

Zatchels Pink & White Hearts Satchel Bag

Hello lovelies. 

You might of remembered me blogging about Zatchels having a birthday sale, all the way back in April, where all the bags were half price. I of course just had to make an order! 

After browsing the website for a good couple of hours I ended up going back to the one I kept opening again & again, the pink satchel with white hearts! It's a muted pink, not a bubble gum colour, but it's still 100% girly! 

I ended up going for the 14.5" bag, as I bought this bag to be my new every day bag & I tend to go for large bags as I like to carry my life around with me, and with the sale the price different between the 13" and the 14.5" was a couple of quid. The quality of the bag is amazing, really solidly put together & super pretty! I can honestly say I think this bag will last for years & years. BUT & this a big but.... 

I ordered my bag on April 21st, and it took them until the 4th of June to actually make my bag. First they were swamped with ordered, and then they couldn't get the leathers in stock, and one things after another. Which wouldn't on been so bad, but they were terrible at updating everyone as to what was happening, there was one facebook update & an email, but neither had a whiff on an apology for the extremely long wait, so it meant having to chase them over and over again, and even at this point there was no apology at all. I was promised by customer service that once they had the leather they would make mine straight away, and yet it took them another week to start making it, and when I asked about it again, still no apology! Sorry Zatchels, but your customer service was piss poor. I know that some people are actually still waiting!

However, the best part of 6 weeks later, I do have a lovely bag that I paid just half of the RRP for, so if Zatchels had another sales I'd probably order again, but this time I won't expect my bag any time soon!

So ladies, did you order? How long did yours take to arrive, or are you still waiting?



  1. I really love the bag you chose - it's so cute! xxx

  2. Love this bag xx

  3. What a beauty! I somehow resisted the sale and now regret it! x

  4. Love this bag, I was so tempted by the sale but couldn't afford it at the time, gutted now!
    Shame about the service but it was worth the wait I say! x

  5. oh wow, you have been patient! but the bag is lovely :) x

    I Am A Weapon Of Massive Consumption

  6. The bag is lovely but I'd have been so annoyed,hopefully they will get these production issues sorted soon. Primark are now doing satchels, they obviously aren't the same quality but they aren't bad for £9


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