Friday, 5 July 2013

Anna Wiscombe Fox Brooch: The Cutest Brooch In Town

Hello lovelies. 

Anyone who knows me, or has been a reader of this blog for a while will know I have a real weakness for jewellery. I have a real love for independent designers, the quality is usually much higher than something you could buy at the same price from the high street. It's also probably fairly obvious that I love animals. So when I was in Made In Britain in Bristol & spotted a brooch, a super cute brooch, I had to have it! 

I bought this amazingly cute little fox brooch from Anna Wiscombe. It's a cutie fox face made from beech wood with the features carved in to it. It's beyond cute! It's also really fantastic quality, wood is an amazing medium for jewellery in my opinion, and as wood doesn't tarnish it will last a really long time!

It has the standard brooch back, pin and clasp, so it's really sturdy and stays in place. Anna Wiscombe has an online shop selling all sorts of lovely wooden brooches, ornaments, necklaces and other bits and bobs here

But if your interested in the fox brooch particularly you can buy it here, and it costs a very reasonable £10, and I would of probably paid a bit more for it! 

So ladies, what do you think? Loving the wooden jewellery or are you more a silver and gold kind of girl? 



  1. This is so cute! I really like wooden jewellery items, especially brooches and necklaces :)

    Water Painted Dreams

  2. I saw this on your Instagram and as I love foxes I was hoping you would write a post up about it.

    It's so damn cute! I hope you wear it often, it's too nice not to show off. ^_^


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