Monday, 1 July 2013

Car Boot Sale Haul

Hello lovelies.

Yesterday was a happy day, I finally found a car boot sale in Bristol that I could get to on public transport! I've been on the lookout for one for ages, but they are usually in a field in the middle of nowhere, so when I found one a short distance from the city center I was so there! 

As you can see, I did pretty well! If your not familiar with car boot sales, or you might be in the USA it's basically people driving up to a field or a car park with a car full of unwanted good, that then sell it to the public at (usually!) bargain prices. I've found its usually a mismatch of clothes, kids toys, homewears, DVDs & other bits and pieces. 

First up I got this little envelope make up pouch and bee & beehive earrings. I love the little make up pouch & the detail is fantastic, it even has a little plane charm on the zipper. The earrings were brand new on the card & I love bees so I snapped them up too. These were £1.25 each. 

Next up was this "Kitty" Momiji doll. I actually didn't really know what this was when I bought it, but apparently this Momiji dolls are really collectable, I just bought it because it was a cute kitty! These retail for about £13, and I picked this up for £2. 

Next up was this "Pansy" Antonio & Allison for Uniqlo T shirt. This isn't something I'd wear out & about but it's really soft & big so it will be a good lounging top! This was £1.25. 

Next was this heart jumper from Primark with a cupcake on the front which judging by the stitching & style I think the seller attached herself, again it's another lounging top but it's super cute! Again this was £1.25. 

Next up was this vintage skirt with blue & pink flowers, it's a funny material but I kind of love it. This was £1.25 again, I bought all three from the same seller. 

Next was this Topshop butterfly blouse from about 2 years a go I remember being in the shops! It's a size 10, and in no universe am I 10 but it's massively oversized so it kind of works, but I will possibly pass this along to my sister, but for £2 I thought it was worth a go! 

Last but by no means least, is this mens jumper from Fletcher & Lowe. I really like mens jumpers & it's a really chunky knit. It still has the tags attached so I was super pleased when they were only asking £1 for it! 

So my total spend was £11.25, which isn't too shabby at all! I'll deffo be going back soon! 

So how about you lovely ladies, are you a fan of the car boot? 


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