Friday, 26 July 2013

Hollister Crescent Bay Body Mist

Hello lovelies. 

I'm going to start this review in what might be an odd way, but I'll admit I hate Hollisters, and its a shop I will normally avoid like the plague. But after reading far too many rave reviews of the body mists, I decided to venture in. 

After stumbling around for a good 5 minutes trying to find my way round the darken shop & far too many staff wearing far too little pretty much screaming "HELLO HOW ARE YOU TODAY" over the music, I found the bath & body section. At first its fairly overwhelming, there is quite a lot of different scents & lets not forget that Hollister is probably the most perfumed shop that has been, or ever will be. There was quite a few I thought I liked, so I decided to spray some on the skin & leave the shop so I could see how well they lasted & more importantly what they smelt like in fresh air! Of the few I thought I liked, one really stood out, Crescent Bay. 

Crescent Bay, like all the body sprays, come in a tall plastic bottle with Hollister branding. The spray itself is a bubblegum pink, but the colour varies from spray to spray. Personally I feel fairly neutral to the packaging, I don't love it but I don't hate it! I would personally prefer a little less HOLLISTER branding, but that is the way they do things so I can't expect there to be less!

Crescent Bay, like all of the Hollister sprays, is obnoxiously sweet & fruity, so if you tend to favour more sophisticated scents these won't be for you. To me, Crescent Bay smells like a mix of apples, watermelon & sugar! What impresses me most about these sprays is how long they last on the skin, unlike other body sprays these last, and last, and then last some more, upwards of around 6 hours I could still smell it. 

The sprays are unfortunately what I'd called expensive for what they are, at £12 each it's hardly a bargain, but at the moment all the bath & body products are on 3 for 2, so if you wanted a few it would be a touch cheaper! You can browse the range of sprays here (be warned, they've even made the website look dark...) 

So ladies, have you sniffed these?  Do you have a favourite one? 



  1. I kind of hate Hollister too, well I do hate Hollister especially after reading about them in the press lately! I don't understand why their shops need to be so freaking dark aha. The spray does sound nice and I am drawn to those types of scents but I just don't think I'd be willing to pay £12 for it, especially since I don't like the ethics of the brand in the first place. xxx

  2. Yeah, I'm not into Hollister either. That spray is indeed a bit over priced! Thanks for sharing though, I think I'll stay away from these ones. xx

  3. Quite expensive isnt it! May venture in to smell it though

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  4. I just avoid them completely because I think it's so wrong that they hire based on looks. But whenever I smell people spraying this it smells amazing.

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