Wednesday, 31 July 2013

July Empties

Hello lovelies. 

Another month has gone, so you know what that means right? Empties!

I've not finished as much as usual this month, but I've finished a lot of huge products I've been wanting to see the back of so I'm pleased with that! 

One. Gardenia Lavender & Sweet Pea Body Mist. 
A nice enough spray, but I couldn't smell any lavender at all, it just smells clean and fresh. It didn't last particularity well so I doubt I'd repurchase.

Two. Bed Head Control Freak Conditioner. 
I am so glad to see the back of this, and not because it was bad, because it was so massive (750ml) I was sick of looking at it! It smelt really fruity & left my hair feeling reasonably soft. I'd possibly purchase a different Bed Head line another time, but for now glad this is one!

Three. Skinetica. 
I know this is the holy grail for some people, but I loathed this product. I know people use it as an almost toner but this dried my skin out to the point on making it sore! It does however reduce redness of spots so I used it to dab on to any spots. I certainly wouldn't buy the full sized. 

Four. Vichy Eau Thermal Water Spray. 
During the recent hot weather I was mega uncomfortable & found these sprays really helped to cool me down. I got this in the Birch Box a while a go & I think it retails for around £4 which is a bit much for something so tiny, but I might buy a cheaper version of this as it really did help to cool me down. 

Five. L'occitane Toner Water Spray. 
This was a mini that came with another purchase, and although I liked it I think the full sized retails for around £18 which is utterly ridiculous for glorified water, so I won't be buying the full sized.

Six. Benefit Triple Performance Facial Emulsion. 
I loved this, it left my skin feeling soft & didn't break me out which is all I need for a facial moisturizer! I'm currently trying out something new but I am already missing this so I probably will purchase this again when what I'm using runs out, but that could be a good while yet. 

Seven. Clean & Clear Cleanser. 
This is something I used in my teen years & go back to every time I have a break out to help get things back under control. Its something I tend to always have it but rarely use, but it really works for me if & when I need it. 

Eight. Kiehls Creme De Corps. 
Another product I know people adore, but I just don't. Don't get me wrong, its not bad, but it has no scent (which is often the way with Kiehl's products) and I prefer things with a scent. However its quite rich and very moisturizing so if your skin needs a treat it would be good, however I think 500ml is around £20 and I personally think you can get something of similar quality for a lot, lot less. 

Nine. Philosophy Raspberry Sorbet Shower Gel. 
I love Philosophy shower gels, they are really rich & creamy, foam nicely and they last forever. At £12 it's a splurge but as I don't have a bath (I know, a weak justification!) I feel less bad about it! I have another, but I will buy these as and when I find scents I like, a certain repurchase! 

Ten. Timotel Vivid Colour Shampoo. 
I picked this up on a whim & really, really really liked it. It's paraben free, and it left my hair feeling so so soft and bouncy, another one I will certainly pick up soon! 

So that's it ladies, I am slowly working my way through my mega stash, and I'm hoping sooner or later everything will be under control! 

So, hands up, who has a mega stash of products? 


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