Wednesday, 17 July 2013

MoneySupermarkets Charcoal Challenge

Hello lovelies. 

A few weeks back I heard that MoneySupermarket was hosting a Charcoal Challenge, and I thought I'd take part! I hadn't had a BBQ in so long & I love a good budget challenge! The budget set was £50, so I thought I'd share some snaps & how I made the money stretch! 

As I live in a flat & don't have access to a garden, the Barbeque was hosted at a friends house, so the first thing I needed to get was a Barbeque! Initially I thought I would pick up a couple of disposables, but at around £3 to £5 each, it seemed an expensive for something you can only use once, so I had a little look around & found this bucket barbeque from Tesco for just £4, so I got that instead. I also gave this to the host as a thank you for letting us use their garden! 

We then needed to pick up the charcoal, and my my there is a lot of options! Having a small barbeque we went for an instant lighting charcoal that comes in a small bag that you light & that in turn gets the charcoal going, easy peasy! This was a slightly more expensive way of doing things, as you only get 2 bags or 2 barbeques for around £4, but it is easier! 

I also picked up some paper plates & paper cups as I didn't want to leave the host with a lot of washing up! The bee paper plates were from Tescos at £1.50 for 10 and the pirate cups were from Morrisions at £1.25. I also picked up a couple of snacks as barbeques can take quite a while to actually get going, so some little snacks can keep that hunger at bay. We also picked up some essentials like ketchup (Heinz, has to be Heinz!) cheese & bread rolls. 

For the meat I opted for a 3 for £10 deal to make sure there was variety, and I got my boyfriend to help me pick them out as having never eaten meat I had no idea what to get! We ended up going for sausages, beef burgers and kebabs. This actually ended up being far, far too much, but it's always hard to judge how much other people will want! We also picked up some metal tipped tongs as I have seen far too many burnt barbeques fingers from people trying to turn meat by hand!

I also picked up a fair bit of salad to put in the burgers and generally just nibble on. I ended up probably eating most of the cucumber! 

For me, I opted for some Quorn Chicken Style Southern Fried burgers as I've always had them for barbeques, and they are by far the nicest faux chicken burger about! 

So! In total, I spent about £8 on the barbeque & charcoal, and then spent just under £40 on food, drinks, paper plates & cups & tongs. I however way, way way over shot how much food we would need, and ended up taking half home & giving the rest to the host, which I reckon will feed me & my boyfriend for at least 3 more dinners! We had a lovely day eating, drinking & generally soaking up some summer (I even got my pasty white legs out for the first time in about 5 years!).

A massive, massive thank you to MoneySupermarket for supplying me with the £50, and if you'd like to know more you can here.

So ladies, are you planning a barbeque any time soon? Hands up who over estimates how much food is needed? 



  1. Yummy, I love a good BBQ! That bucket BBQ is so so cute :)

    Sophierosehearts x

    1. I'm impressed with it, worked really nicely <3 x

  2. I am indeed planning a BBQ soon! Me, my boyfriend and his band mates/our friends are all going camping after one of their gigs and me and boy are planning the BBQ for everyone.

    Yesterday we bought exactly the same BBQ as you did, I'm even more excited to use it now seeing that you guys used it successfully!

    We have beer and water but we're planning on getting munchies and meat to cook with tomorrow and Saturday. :)

    We're really excited and your BBQ looked a huge success! :D

    1. It's a fab little thing, really worked nicely and much better than a disposable! Have a fab time lovely, I'm sure it will be a great day x x

  3. I love barbecues in the summer its the best things ever! great post

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