Saturday, 6 July 2013

New Yankee Tart Scents For Autumn

Hello lovelies. 

I know, Autumn I hear you cry, we haven't even had summer yet, you say! Well according to Yankee, it's autumn! I'm joking but the 4 new scents for autumn hit the shelves this week, and being a Yankee addict I couldn't resist picking them up, and I thought I'd share them with you in case you fancied knowing what the new scents are. 

All 4 are very "autumn-y" scents, and if your from the USA there are two more additions to the tarts (they get 6 scents every season and we get 4) which are Cosy Sweater & Apple Pumpkin, both of which I am looking on eBay for! 

Vanilla Chai. 
Vanilla Chai is one right up my street because you instantly get hit with the cinnamon, but as you sniff it more and more you start to get something else from it as well, and I couldn't work out what it was so I ended up looking it up & it's ginger! I have to say I cannot for the life of me smell any vanilla, and even if it is there I think it's being masked by the the cinnamon. I know a lot of people only like cinnamon scents for Christmas, but for me, once September comes I'm all about cinnamon scents. 

Salted Caramel.
This is my least favourite of the 4, as I don't tend to like cakey scents. However salted caramel is probably one of my favourite things to eat! If however you are a fan of cake scent this could be right up you street. It's a very tangy caramel scent, quite like creamy caramel from a few years a go but no where near as sweet, with a strong cake scent underneath. I have to say every time I smell this it makes me really hungry! 

Lake Sunset. 
This one is a very fresh, slightly sweet scent. With undertones of musk and a very slightly floral edge. It reminds me of a fresh version of scents such a Beach Walk. This one would be probably up your street if your not in to the usual full on Yankee scents and prefer something a bit more subtle. 

November Rain.
This one is my absolute favourite, which is really surprising as it's so unlike scents I would usually go for. It's a really clean crisp scent, with what I'd call really masculine tones, kind of like aftershave mixed with a ocean scent. Its a really hard one to describe but if you fancy something a bit different I recommend giving this one a sniff. 

So that's the 4 autumn scents we are getting, I really do wish they would just release all 6 in the U.K though. And if you thought me talking about Autumn is bad, I've been informed that the 4 new Christmas Yankees will be available in September, so I will give those a review then too (and be warned, there are some really lovely ones this year!). 

So ladies, which one do you reckon, if any, you'd fancy giving a go?



  1. I was really excited for salted caramel and vanilla chai but I don't really like cake scents either so I might just go for vanilla chai! Will definitely be giving them a sniff when I see them :)

    Water Painted Dreams

  2. Ooo I smelt two of these on Thursday when I was out shopping! I smelt Vanilla Chai and Salted Caramel.

    I love chai tea and coffee but the smell of Vanilla Chai just hurt my nose, the ginger and vanilla was just too strong for me, but that isn't a bad thing, means it'll fill the room with scent. :P

    However Salted Caramel was amazing and I can't wait to buy a sampler to try as I know it'll be my autumn scent this year!

    I really want to smell November Rain, I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for it!


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