Sunday, 14 July 2013

Travalo Handbag Atomizer & How To Get It For £1.99

Hello lovelies. 

We all love a good deal don't we? So today I thought I would share a nifty little deal I got last week, a Travalo Handbag Atomizer for just £1.99, I'll do a little review first & give you the how to get the offer.

The Travalo is a cute 5ml atomizer that comes in lots of different shades. Personally I went for the purple as it was jumping out at me, but all the pretty metallic colours are equally pretty. As it's only 5mls its safe to take on planes. 

The Travalo is like any other perfume spray, a metallic lid that you can pull off. It also has a see through side so you can see how much perfume is left in it. 

To fill the Travalo you need to pick a perfume to put in it & pull off the spray cap & pop the the bottom of the Travalo over the spray & pump up and down until it fills as much as you want it to be. It thought this bit would be a bit of a faff, but its really well designed and it was really easy. The bit that was a faff however was the actually getting the spray top off of the perfume bottle. I originally wanted to fill mine with Marc Jacobs Dot, but they put a rubber ring around the inside of the spray top to make it more secure, or in my case, impossible to get off! So I ended up going for Escada Cherry In The Air as it popped off easily! 

After quite a few pumps it filled around half way. As far as I can tell cleaning the Travalo out for a new perfume seems to be a bit of a nightmare, the Travalo website suggests getting an empty travel spray & filling it with water, and doing the same as above & spraying the water out, or more outrageously having a different Travalo for every perfume! 

As someone who carries around way too many things day to day this nifty little atomizer has really helped lighten the load! 

So, usually the Travalo costs £11.99, but at the moment if you have the 02 priority moments app, or even if you know someone who has an 02 number who won't use it, you can get £10 off at The Perfume Shop, I used my boyfriends number on my Orange phone, you just need to verify the app with the 02 number, with no minimum spend! So you could use it towards a new perfume, a Travalo, a present, whatever! The only problem is that it can only be used in-store, not online, and there is only a week left to redeem, so if you want to get this offer you'll need to act fast, but it's not half bad if you can get it! 

So ladies, are you going to try & use this offer? If so what are you going to put it towards?



  1. I really need to type up my post about this. I took photos the day I got it intending to do a post but got distracted. Better check when it expires :)

  2. GREAT bargain, deffo going to try to use this offer asap :)

    Sophierosehearts x

  3. I love my Travalo, it comes really handy when traveling! x


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