Monday, 26 August 2013

Boyfriend Does My Make Up Tag

Hello lovelies. 

I have to say first up, this is the most fun I've probably ever had taking photos for a blog post. I've seen this tag going around, and the basic premises is that you get your other half to take a crack at doing your make up, and film or take pictures of the results. It was hilarious, and the out come was pretty... I have no words! 

I decided to pick out an assortment of bits to make it easier than trying to rifle through my storage, and remove anything that could cause any damage (eye lash curlers for example!). 

So this is me before the "make over", I thought I'd include this picture to compare to the final product! 


I gave him pretty free reign, and didn't give him much clue as to what things were (more fun this way!) so he decided to start with the eyes, as he could give a good guess as to what was what. He started off by using an ELF quad in Smokey. 

So far not so bad...

After attempting a smokey eye look (or panda eyes as the case may be) he picked up my Accessorize mascara in black & what I can only describe as zig zagged the end of my lashes with the wand, before wiping the lashes with the wand a bit more in a downwards fashion. The came the concealer, which I was asked what it was for, and when I told him to hide my under eye bags, he said "oh yes you need lots of this" and proceeded to apply several layers! 


This is where it started to go pretty pear shaped. Picking up my Dr Jart Water BB cream he squeezed it as if trying to empty a nearly dead tube of tooth paste I knew it was going to be bad, and I wasn't wrong. 

He proceeded to shovel more and more of it on, as if it going to get better the more that was piled on. 

Replace "blend in" with "rub in every single pore as hard as you can". 

I think this picture captures my feelings on what was happening pretty well! 

On to the pressed face powder, and I say face, not eye powder as this photo may make you think otherwise! 

On to blusher. This started off slightly better than the rest of the face, almost in the right area not to much, but that was too normal for the boy, he's decided to start a new trend... 

He thought a good look for me would be the "two toned blusher" a different one on each face, right side is Beauty UK in Dawn Glow & the left side is NARS Orgasm. 


I knew before we started he would pick the brightest lipstick I own, MAC Ladybug, and I wasn't wrong! 

But as with the blusher, one lipstick just wasn't enough, and channeling Star Wars he decided to try a princess Amidala look for me.. 

So this is the final look! To be honest I think I look pretty... fantastic... don't you think? I've honestly never had so much fun having my make up done!

So ladies, do you think your boyfriend could do better? I'm not tagging any of particular but if you do decide to do this tag, leave me the link! 



  1. Ahahaha, dying. I might challenge my boy to do this!

  2. Haha love it! My partners attempt was also pretty hilarious - don't think I've had so much fun since!

  3. He did a pretty good job! My boyfriend point blank refused to do this :(

    Water Painted Dreams

  4. hahaha I've been trying to convince Spencer to do this tag for a while, he has refused every time! He doesn't want to do it just so that people can laugh at him on my blog, bless. I will make him. xx

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life


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