Monday, 19 August 2013

Disney For Sephora Ariel Set The Mood Compact Mirror

Hello lovelies. 

I got a package this morning that I'd been waiting for weeks for, a package I was far too excited as I knew exactly what it was. The Ariel Set The Mood Compact Mirror from Sephora. I'd seen the preview image of this months previously, and knew instantly, one way or another I had to own it! Ariel is by far my favourite Disney princess (red hair, loves fish, tries to brush her hair with a fork, all endearingly charming qualities) so when this landed through my door this morning, I couldn't help but get overly excited! 

First up, hats off to Sephora for the cutest outer packaging ever, covered in sea themed images such as coral and star fish, even the barcode has had a nautical make over with two seahorses kissing! But I didn't buy it for the box, I bought it for what was inside the box. 

My first thoughts were "holy crap this is stunning" and they haven't really changed! Although it doesn't say what the compact is made from I imagine it would be stainless steel & glass, as it's fairly weighty, not heavy but really solid. The center of the compact features Ariel and the Prince Eric sat in the row boat from the set the mood scene where they almost kiss, and from there the pattern goes in rings of waves and then fish, and once the pattern ends the metal overlay starts. 

One thing my camera was really trying to resist picking up was the center of the compact, with Ariel and the Prince has a 3D effect behind it so when you move the mirror it looks like its moving, very fancy! 

The compact has a metal button on the front which is thoroughly satisfying to open & close (although I probably shouldn't do it too much!) and when you open the mirror it has "you've got to be you" printed on one side of the mirror. I'm in two minds about what I think about that, as although its very fitting for the films general message, and quite a positive message for a mirror to carry in general, personally I would of preferred a quote from the film, I know "Kiss The Girl" doesn't really fit biut something along those lines.

The compact is just beyond beautiful, to look and to use! I've included a picture of it in my hand so you can get an idea of the size.

The only problem is getting hold of it in the UK, I bought mine from Roses Beauty Store which has now sold out of these mirrors, but you can view the rest of the Ariel range here, as well as an impressive selection of American make up. The next best way would be to buy it from eBay, I've found one seller here but there are quite a few different sellers so you won't be stuck for choice. 

So ladies, what do you think? What's your favourite Disney character?



  1. it' so beautiful... I'm jealous! ;) xx

  2. so cute!!

    Do pop on over to my blog :-)

  3. Ariel is and always has been my favourite Disney Princess. :D When I saw Sunday Girl post about this on her blog I just fell in love and have been wanting one myself.

    It really is gorgeous and every girl who has ever loved Disney films will ask whomever has this, "Oh my where did you get that from?"

    It just looks so expensive and beautiful!

    Jealous you got hold of one, but you've inspired me to try and go in search for my own now. :)


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