Sunday, 11 August 2013

Molecule 01 Escentric Molecules Perfume - A Different Kind Of Perfume

Hello lovelies. 

I saw the Molecule 01 Escentric perfume making the rounds on various blogs a while ago & it really caught my attention. Apparently, it smells different on everyone, and it's also meant to make you smell amazing to other people (testimonials of people being stopped in streets by strangers to be asked what they are wearing, etc) so naturally my interests were peaked, is there a universal perfume that smells amazing to others? So when I spotted it in Harvey Nichols with vouchers in my hand, I picked up a bottle to give this crazy, science based perfume a whirl. 

I went for the smallest size, which is 30ml. This is the "refill" version which is exactly the same as far as I can tell, bar it doesn't have a lid and the glass is possibly a wee bit thinner, so I wouldn't go chucking this around, however those two differences mean it's £9 cheaper than the standard 30ml bottle. 

The bottle itself is a fairly plain see through glass bottle, with a small amount of branding on it. But more importantly than how it looks, what does this apparently magic perfume smell like? Well.. I've spent days trying to work out how to describe this perfume to you, so I'm going to give it my best shot! 

So, the ingredients for this perfume are clearly listed on the cardboard sleeve the perfume comes in: Alcohol Denat, Water, ISO E Super and that's apparently it, so I have no idea what the Iso E Super is! When you first spray it on, the alcohol lingers a little too long, to the point that my boyfriend asked if it was a "vodka scented perfume?" but when it finally does settle, to me its a very deep woody to spicey scent, that almost nudges on masculine, and then it takes a good while to fully develop in to a slightly sweeter, slightly lighter scent that on me, smells like a spicy nutmeg scent. 

It really is very unusual, and I gave it a little road test on my friend Ali, to test that it apparently smells different on everyone, and to an extent yes it does. On her, it was slightly more spicy and slightly stronger, but the base scent is the same, woody and musky with a lot of spice. One thing I will say though, if you want animals to like you this is the perfume for you, my cat won't leave me alone when I spray this! I think this perfume would fall in to an A/W perfume as it's quite heavy & spicy.

So if your in the market for something really different, really out there give this a sniff. Prices range from £30 to £65 and is stocked in places such Liberty, Harvey Nichols, Selfridges and here at Cult Beauty.

So ladies, have you given this a sniff? What did you think? Anything to add to my rambling description? 



  1. I asked for this at christmas but I hate it! :( it's just not to my liking, will have to try and sell it on ebay. x

  2. I'm so curious about this perfume it seems really interesting, especially if it smells different on everyone x


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