Sunday, 25 August 2013

My Best Bargain Ever? Moschino Cheap & Chic High Heels For Less Than A Bottle Of Water

Hello lovelies. 

First up sorry for my absence the last couple of days, I fully intended to blog but some old friends came down & time ran away with me! But today I have something exciting to share with you, something I bought last week that is possibly by best bargain ever (and we all know I do love a bargain!). 

Its no secret that I love TK Maxx, it's always full of surprises and you never quite know what you might find. I was wandering the shoe aisle when I spotted these Moschino Cheap & Chic high heels  which I picked up to look at, never really intending to buy! I'm not much of a shoe person, don't get me wrong I like them and all but I've never been one to really lust over shoes, but these were just so girly & purple they were practically jumping off the shelf at me. 

As they were a size too small I full expected to put them back, when I turned them over just to see how much they were... 

One pound! One whole pound! Full priced these shoes cost £357! Even though they were a size too small I couldn't just leave them! I managed to get my feet in the shoes & even walk around a little in them (I've always been a small 5 so that was a real bonus!) so I snapped them up and practically ran to the till in case it was some sort of mistake! But I went to the till & handed them less than I'd pay for a bottle of water, and walked off swinging my purchase gleefully. 

The straps sit over the bridge of the foot with these adorable little bows. 

The reason the shoes were reduced is because there is some damage to the shoes, particularly one the toe of right shoe, but I've always been pretty inventive when it comes to fixing up things to make them sparkly and new so I'm going to look at ways to patch them up, any suggestions would be most welcome!

However even if I can't fix them I will still wear them! I am unlikely to ever shell out designer shoe prices, unless I managed to spot a pair of Jimmy Choos for £1 in TK Maxx.... I can dream, no? I've been wearing these around the house, pretending I'm Carrie Bradshaw whilst taking the bins out, and other glamorous things like that! 

So ladies, have you found any super bargains recently? If so, what and where? 



  1. Total bargain and I'll have you know that I am incredibly jealous. They're so gorgeous and purple! :D

    Seeing as the strap across the ankle has bows on maybe you could try and find some bows of the same shade of the purple of the shoe to stick on the shoe?

    I'd say paint them but that'd ruin them to be fair.

    Great bargain, you've inspired me to shop in TK Maxx more often for bargains. :P

    I want a pair of my own Moschino heels! :P

  2. Oh my god, that's the best bargain ever!!! :Dx

  3. Wow these are such an unbelievable bargain!

    I'd just wear them with the damage to be honest, it won't be that noticeable. x

  4. These are amazing, you really can't see the damage at all. It just looks like it is shiny

    Slightly Skint Blog

  5. you could get some glitter fabric & make some crown&glory style bows and stick them on the front :D


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