Monday, 5 August 2013

Revlon Moon Candy Nail Varnish In Galactic

Hello lovelies. 

Nail art is one of those things that I would desperately like to be good at, but I'm not. I suck at it. In all honesty if I can get nail varnish on to the nail without painting my sofa / leg / the cat I call that a success! So any product that promises easy effects tends to peak my interests. The Revlon Moon Candies are dual ended nail varnishes which promise easy space effects. Sounds promising yes? 

Galactic is a very deep dark navy at one end & a light aqua blue with iridescent pearly flakes at the other. Looking at the shape of the bottle it first looks a little fiddly to use, but the center & which ever end you aren't using act as a great handle, almost like a pen which I really like, it helps me steady my hand & actually get the nail varnish on the nail! 

The nail varnish is fantastic quality, the dark blue was just the right consistency and is a one coat nail varnish. The aqua glitter is a little bit on the thin side, so I found that needed two coats or even 3 to get the desired effect, however the overall effect is just stunning! I've currently got this on my nails and I can't stop looking at them! It's a really dark, deep effect, and something I would never of thought to do myself. I also really like that you can use each colour separately, and I'm so impressed with the navy I've already lined up which nail varnish I'll use it with next!

The Moon Candies come in 7 different shades & cost £7.99 each, but all Revlon nail are currently on offer for 2 for £10 here

Have any of you lovely ladies tried these yet? What did you think? 



  1. I really like the look of these! I've seen loads of blog posts about them since they came out and at first I wasn't so sure, but when people posted about the black and navy colours with the flecks of colour, I was hooked!

    I have however purchased an Avon nail polish which gives the flecks effect so I want to wait and see how that looks before I go and buy one of the Revlon shades, but believe me it has been hard to resist buying one!

    This looks gorgeous and I'm sure it will on your nails hun. ^_^

  2. i love the look of this nail varnish! the light blue end looks amazing! i definitely NEED something like that in my collection but i have far too many navy's to justify buying another one :(

    my blog is beauty and nail art and i'm currently in the middle of the 31 day nail art challenge at if you fancy checking it out! there's some really easy to do nail art on there that you should definitely give a go!


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