Friday, 9 August 2013

Shu Uemura Eyelash Curlers in Gold - Worth £20?

Hello lovelies.

During my recent voucher haul I picked up the Shu Uemura eyelash curlers, something I'd always wanted to buy as I heard they were the best of the best, and as much as I'd wanted to I could never work out if I could justify the £20 that they cost, so I thought I'd do a little review & give you my opinion on if they are worth what they cost. 

They usually come in silver, but I spotted them in gold they were just ridicolous enough I wanted them more! They both cost the same so I thought I might as well! They are super shiny & a standard eyelash curler shape. 

The "head" of the curlers (I don't know what they technical name for this is but I bet it's not "the slot to shove your eyelashes in) is slightly wider compared to the other pairs of eyelash curlers I have, and the curve is more gradual, so I was excited to see how they compared. 

This is bare, untouched lashes. I know people like to apply mascara first & then curl the lashes but I imagine that's fairly messy! I don't have the straightest lashes in the world but they also don't have the curve I would desire.

So my first impressions were good, they were smooth, didn't pinch my lashes or eyelid. I took them away & had a look, and the impression stayed the same! They turned my lashes up just enough, not so much they were at a silly angle, but just the right amount. 

Once I applied mascara the effect was amplified, the eyelashes look exaggerated without looking over the top.

But, and almost more importantly, are they worth £20? Well, uhrmmmm, I don't know! I am a little hesitant about recommending such an expensive piece of kit, but I would lean towards yes! If you find your eyelashes just don't have the curve you desire, and the eyelash curlers you've tried are pinchy, or just don't work I would highly recommend giving these a thought! I have also seen these come about on Buyapowa for around £15 so if your interested, keep your eye out for that. 

So ladies, have you tried these? What did you think?



  1. These are literally holy grail for me! I would never be without them, definitely worth the £20 for my non existent lashes :)

  2. Nothing I've tried cheaper has lived up to these. My eyelashes are long but quite flat and this gives them the best possible start! I need some more though, it's annoying that you can't get replacement pads xx

  3. Never used eyelash curlers before. Use mascara to curl them lol, as I have long eyelashes, new follower too :) x


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