Monday, 30 September 2013

September Empties

Hello lovelies. 

I am so sad September is over, as it means its officially not my holiday month or birthday any more, even though they've been over for a week, but still! I do envy the queen, two birthdays sounds much more reasonable!

I thought I'd done quite well with empties this month, I haven't got through nearly as much as I thought! But here is what I managed to finish up this month!

One. Organix Cherry Blossom Ginseng Conditioner. 
Hands down my favourite conditioner I've ever tried. It's super thick and moisturizing which is fantastic for my thick hair, but it also smells incredible. To me, it smells like the Anna Sui perfume that comes in a handbag shaped bottle, and it lingers on the hair all day. I've already repurchased this! 

Two. Bath & Body Works Papaya Melon Scoop Anti Bac Hand Soap. 
Another favourite product, this stuff is just beyond good. It has the anti bacterial beads in the soap so it left my hands feeling super clean but not dry. It also smells incredible, but that's a rule of thumb with anything from Bath & Body Works. I've got another bottle in Peppermint Swirl ready for Christmas, but after that I will certainly buy some more, it's perfection. 

Three. VO5 Revive Me Daily Conditioner. 
I really like this conditioner, it's a good every day conditioner that does the job, and its usually around 99p, so it's a good budget option. I'm sure I'll end up buying this again. 

Four. Katy Perry Killer Queen Perfume Sample. 
I'm trying to think of how describe this perfume, I'd say musky but sweet. It was alright to be honest, nothing special to my nose & I do tend to buy perfume that I like the bottle of (oh yes, I'm THAT sort of person) and I think the bottle is awful!

Five. Bourjois Magic Nail Varnish Remover Pot. 
I am so embarrassed by the state of this! But this little beauty lasted me for ages, and used heavily, until eventually I took off some extremely thick navy nail varnish off & the sponge no longer wanted to dissolve so every time I used it, it left a dirty blue stain on all my fingers, no ideal! I love this thing, I think it's freaking magic so I am certainly going to repurchase as soon as I can! 

Six. Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips. 
These were a bit of a let down for me, although they work, for a handsome £7.99 for 5 measly strips, I was expecting a miracle! They do something, but not nearly enough for the money. Unless these were half price or something I wouldn't repurchase. 

Seven. Kleenex Facial Cloths.
Another disappointing product! I sound like a right moany cow today! These say on the box that they are "facial cloth"... they aren't, they are tissues. In my mind they were going to be like a large cotton pad but maybe slightly thinner. They didn't really absorb things very well, my toner actually wouldn't absorb at all, it just tricked either side of the tissue. I wouldn't repurchase, unless they redo them so they are large cloths! 

Eight. L'Oreal EverPure Hair Masque. 
Adored this. Ali gave it to me a few months a go, and I've been rationing it like crazy for when my hair is really dry, as it just makes it look so healthy and shiny. It has a nice minty scent, and it's fairly thick. I think it's around £7 a tub so it's a good high street option. I'm going to repurchase next time I'm in boots.

Nine. Dove Maximum Protection Deodorant. 
This deodorant is just amazing, I've raved about it before but it's just not comparable to anything else. It keeps me completely dry even if its warm, if I'm running (for doughnuts, never for exercise!) or anything else. At over £5 it is expensive, but I think its worth every single penny. I've already repurchased, and when that one runs out I'll repurchase again! 

So lovely ladies, that's it! Only nine empties this month, hopefully I'll finish up more next month. How about you? Did you finish up much this month? 


Friday, 27 September 2013

TK Maxx Haul

Hello lovelies. 

Today I've got a TK Maxx haul to share with you, this was actually a completely unintentional haul. I popped there with my mum as she wanted so candles, and ended up walking out with a massive bag!

It was one of those times when you just keep seeing things you want, and had I had an unlimited budget I would of walked out with a lot, lot, more!

First thing I came across was these metal tins, with stunning designs on them. One is a sewing box & the other is for medicine, and I just couldn't resist them! The brand is Seletti, which I've never heard of before but I'm going to look up what else they do as I just love the design. They were box £3.99 each but the sewing box is a bit marked on the back so managed to get that one for £2! Always worth asking for a discount if something isn't quite right. 

My favourite purchase of the day by far was this Orla Kiely bedding. I had been looking in TK Maxx for this set for ages, but had only ever come across the grey scale one, which is nice but not quite what I was after. So when I came across the hyper colourful set, I just had to have it. However I found the duvet colours, but couldn't find the pillow covers, so I thought I'd pick them up at a later date, until I rifling in the cushion section and found a box on the bottom shelf, score! These weren't exactly the cheapest, the duvet cover was £29.99 & the pillow covers were £7.99, but it was love! 

Orla Kiely is one of my favourite designers, I love the use of bold colours and statement prints, and this is probably the most iconic Orla Kiely prints. It's very earthy colours but still bright, and I just can't help but keep looking at it! The quality of the linen is just something else, super soft and snuggly, perfect for the colder months!

So that's my TK Maxx haul, and I am super pleased with it! How about you lovely ladies? Picked up anything good in TK Maxx recently? 


Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Paris & Disneyland Paris Haul

Hello lovelies. 

Today, as I mentioned in my last post, I've got a haul post for you. I love reading these posts, as I nosey person I love seeing what people have bought, even in real life I'm a "what's in your bag, show me your things!" sort of person! Firstly I'd like to apologize for the quality of these photos, they were taken at gone midnight the day we got back, because as well as being a nosey person I'm a unpack the second I get home sort of person to! 

Ok so before we get started, I just wanted to put the usual disclaimer in here, I am in no way bragging, it was my birthday whilst I was over there and I had some birthday money. I did over do it slightly but I'll be honest - I knew I would before I even set foot in Paris!

First thing I picked up was this magnet from Platform 3/4 from the shop in Kings Cross, total honesty here, I was a little disappointed with the shop, it was really small and the reason I popped in there was to pick up a chocolate frog, which they had but not in the boxes, in usual chocolate plastic wrapping for £6.99, so I picked up this magnet to console my lack of chocolate frog! 

Well, I couldn't go to France & not pick up any Bioderma could I?! I have been using Sebium for over a year and I couldn't live without it now, and as I had about a 1/3 of a bottle left I picked up another big one whilst I was there, because its so much cheaper. I also picked up a mini Crealine as I haven't tried it before, and again it was pretty cheap. I picked them up in a little pharmacist for 13 euros for the 500ml, and 3.50 for the small, which comes to around £13 which is a pretty good deal, seeing as I've paid £14 just for the big bottle previously. 

Next up was Sephora, which although isn't quite as good as the ones in America, I still managed to spend some money! They also chucked me in a really lovely Dior face cream sample as a freebie.

First up was some of the Sephora own range, a Mango shower gel & a blueberry hand wash. I've had the Sephora shower gel single use pods before and it is fantastic, it lathers up really nicely, and mango is certainly my favourite! My boyfriend actually picked the blueberry hand wash as he liked the smell. I think they were about 7 euros each. We also picked up two new body puffs for about 1.50 each.

This was the more expensive of the purchases, a Make Up Forever Aqua Cream Eyeshadow in number 13. I'm going to do a more in depth post about this soon, but it's just stunning, as was the price! This was either 20 or 22 euros, but I fell in love with it! 

Next up was Laduree, which was my "must must must go to" place, as I've always wanted to go to. My original plan was to pick up lots of macaroons to take home, but when I was in the queue I was given a menu & it said that they would only keep for 3 days in the fridge, so I decided to pick up 6 in a pretty box, which came to about 16 euros, which is expensive, but oh my god, they were beyond delicious. So that was all I was going to get, until I got to the till...

At the till I spotted these amazing Laduree keyrings, in all different colours. As it was really busy, I had time to uhmm and arr, and finally decided I wanted it, at the last second! It was horrifically expensive, I'm almost embarrassed to tell you, but it was a whopping 35 euros, which is about £29, ahhhh! It was a real treat but I love it, and its a stunning addition to my keys!

So next, we popped to the supermarket to pick up some dinner, and I can never help but bring back foodie bits as I love to sample bits from other countries. I picked up some Haribo Dragibus as I'd never seen them before, which were about 1.50 each, and some Bonne Maman biscuits because they never disappoint! I know Milka isn't really french, but these Milka Choco Moo biscuits caught my eye, because they were cows! I've actually already finished these and they were amazing, wish I'd bought more! 

Next up was these two shower gels from Yves Rocher, which I actually went into because we were trying to find our way back to the Metro (tube) and we were on a really busy street, so we popped in to get some space to have a look at the map, and whilst we were in there I realised they were having a sale, and these two shower gels were marked down to 1.50 each, and it smells amazing, just like a freshly opened orange. Not bad for about £2.50 for both!

Next up is the Disneyland haul. I'll say it right now, I over did it, big time! But it was just all to tempting! Disney wasn't exactly cheap either, and if you planning a trip and want to bring back lots of bits, I would say you need to plan to eat rice for a long, long time! I picked up the Disneyland Paris castle magnet early on in the day, because it's so tacky I just love it! I wanted a keyring, and the mickey sorcerer one was really cute, it's a heavy pewter and at 4.99 it was one of the cheaper options. 

Cat lady alert.. I couldn't go on holiday and not buy Tuna a present... or at least that's what I'm telling myself! I didn't know that Disneyland sold cat and dog bowls, but I was in a shop & spotted them and couldn't say no! It has all the Disney cats around the bowl, and its made of a thick plastic. I think this was about 6.99. 

Next up was this Donald Ducj profile pen, which I thought was really cute! I think this was around 5 euros. 

When we first arrived we were both thinking about getting some mickey and minnie ears, or a hat or something as we wanted to get into the Disney spirit, however they were really quite pricey, any where between 12.99 anywhere up to about 20 euros for some of the bigger hats. So we decided to get a couple of pins to wear instead, I picked the slinky with the spring middle which was about 7.99 and my boyfriend picked the Monsters University one, which actually opens up to show the Monsters University cast. 

Next is this Christmas ornament, which I bought at the Christmas shop which is either open all year round or most of the year round. It was marked at 9.99 but scanned at 7.99, score! I thought it would be a nice thing to buy and put on our tree this year to remember the trip. I also picked up a Star Wars Vinylmation, which I already have a few of and think they are adorable. I actually managed to get the only one I really wanted on the first try, Wicket which is an Ewok! I've actually only ever got the one I've wanted which is really lucky as its a blind box, so it really could be any of the set! These are around 12.99 which is pricey but they are a collectors item. 

Next up is something I've already mentioned in my Disney post, the Buzz Lightyear souvenir mug, which at the time had a drink in but now its being used for water, like a proper grown up in a grown up cup...

Last up was this build your own Mr Potato Head, which just had to come home with me! You picked up a box & filled it with all the Disneyland paris bits you wanted, so I tried to get a good selection of bits. I tried to get one of all the Disneyland bits such as the minnie bow & the mickey ears, and I managed to get the box to close! This was about 17 euros, which again is on the pricey side of things but I can't help but giggle every time I look at it! 

Lastly, Paris tack! I love the tackiest tack that is out there, and I always pick up a few bits from anywhere I go. The small magnet I bought from the gift shop from the Eiffel Tour, for around 5 euros. The mug & the mini statue I bought at the train station gift shop in an effort to get rid of the euro change I had! The statue was around 5 euros and the large mug was around 8 euros. 

So that's I bought in Paris, and this is why I'm going to be eating toast for the next 10 years! This is my last Paris post and I'm sad because I've really enjoyed sharing it with you! 

So ladies, who else over does the holiday shopping?


Monday, 23 September 2013

Paris Photo Diary - Day Three

Hello lovelies. 

This was our last day in Paris, and when we were planning the holiday we had optimistic plans to see an art museum in the few hours that we had left, but by this point we were so knackered we didn't managed to wake up until gone 10, so we decided to take a walk around the local area and the canals. 

It was actually really nice to walk around and look at Paris whilst not rushing towards a train or queuing for something. We were really tired but it was really nice and relaxing to wander round, it was really quiet and sunny so that made it even nicer. 

The flats in Paris are just stunning. From the balcony in our hotel we could see some of them and they were just stunning, the idea flats, with high ceilings and little balconies, honestly just stunning! 

We eventually found ourselves in a pretty little square, in which was a really nice coffee shop, so we sat down to have a coffee. The waiter was particularly taken with my boyfriend as he is from Manchester, and this guy was really in to Manchester United! Both me & my boyfriend used to work just outside (literally, could see the whole thing from the window) Old Trafford, so he was very excited by that! 

After we finished our coffees, we went for a bit more of a walk around and headed to the Eurostar for our train back to the U.K, which went fine, and after a 3 days of eating nothing but chips, a bean burger from Burger King at Paddington Station never tasted so good! 

So that was my holiday! I'm sad its over now but I really enjoyed every minute! I'm going to post my Paris haul tomorrow, so keep your eye out for that. 

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Paris Photo Diary - Day 2 - Disneyland!

Hello lovelies. 

As promised yesterday, today I'm going to post my Disneyland photos! Fair warning here, this is particularly photo heavy, but everything, bar nothing, is photo worthy at Disneyland! I've tried to narrow it down as much as possible, but these are my favourite snaps of the day. 

My boyfriend & I got up bright & early & headed to get the train to Disneyland, which takes around 45 minutes to an hour depending on where in Paris you get on. When we got off the train I was almost running towards the gate, a birthday in Disneyland? It's obviously every turning 24 years olds dream! 

We headed straight towards Walt Disney Studios, the smaller park to the side of the main park, as it shuts earlier than the main park and I figured it was a good place to start! 

Disneyland is full to the brim of beautiful fountains, statues, everything is done, polished and clean! Being a huge fan on Fantasia, this one was a favourite! 

I headed straight towards Toy Story Playland, as Toy Story is my all time favourite Disney film. It was incredibly well done and all the oversizing made you feel as small as a toy solider! All the small touches, such as Meccano for fences and dominoes for walls really made it amazing. 

Around the corner there was also an area dedicated to Monsters Inc, and I couldn't help but get a few snaps! 

After a good wander round we headed towards the main park, and after you pass through the gates you can see the castle off in the distance, and we managed to walk in just as a parade was ending so that area started to empty out so I could snap a few pictures. 

Inside the castle there are two boutique shops on the bottom floor, and at the top are all sorts of beautiful images from Sleeping Beauty on stained glass, as well as a balcony you could look over parts of Disneyland. 

Another statue of a favourite film, Wall-e! I was also surprised that Up, a massive film for Disney wasn't anywhere to be found in either park as far as I saw, no statue, no memorabilia in any shops, but there was a lot of films with very little representation in the park. 

A beautiful photo of me don't you agree? We stopped to get some food in the early afternoon, and I have to say I was pretty shocked at how bad the choice for vegetarians was, anywhere we could afford (cheapy, mcdonalds style restaurants) my only choice was chips, or a small side salad. No worries, there was plenty of chocolate and cake to eat in stead. I left the boyfriend to get the food as I got a table, and to console me that I had another portion of chips (common France, a bean burger wouldn't go a miss!) he got me my favourite drink (Nesta Iced Tea in Peach, if you wondering!) in a buzz souvenir mug! Safe to say I was enjoying the drink! However if your planning to eat at Disney, I would keep in mind the cheapest meal is about 10 euros! 

One of my favourite parts of Disneyland has to be the Alice In Wonderland maze, it was incredibly well done, and took ages to complete but in a great way. It had whole different sections for all parts of Alice In Wonderland, the Cheshire Cat, Queen Of Hearts, The Unbirthday party, everything! I've never taken so many photos of a robot ever! 

So that's all my snaps for Disneyland! We also did a fair bit of shopping, as I am fairly sure (but don't quote me!) that there are more shops than rides at Disneyland Paris! We had a great day and I had a great birthday! I'm going to do a Paris haul soon, so you can see why I'm eating toast for the next 10 years!