Monday, 2 September 2013

10 Reasons Why Autumn/Winter Kicks Spring/Summers Butt!

Hello lovelies.

September is here, and I couldn't be more excited about it if I tried, because it means autumn and winter is nearly upon us. I am truly and autumn/winter girl, I have no time for hot weather, beaches and tanning, for me I like the cold, hot drinks and snuggling up with a blanket. So I thought I'd share with you the 10 reasons why I love autumn/winter!

One. Autumn Colours.

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One of my favourite things about the beginning of autumn is watching all the leaves on the trees change colour and watching them come off the trees entirely. I like strolling along in the park looking at all the different colours and kicking leaves about.

Two. Jumpers.

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Oh knitwear, you and me have a long standing love affair, don't you agree? Show me any knitwear, from any shop, and I can pick out 10 different ones I love. I have far too many jumpers and its still never enough. I love wearing jumpers and as soon as it's cold enough you won't be able to peel one off of me for love nor money.

Three. Autumn / Winter Scents

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I've always had a soft spot for autumn/winter scents. I've always loved anything that smell of cinnamon and these scents are harder to come by in spring/summer and don't really fit the time of year. You probably know by now that I'm a massive Yankee Candle fan and I find myself looking months and months ahead of time to find out what the new Christmas scents are going to be, as I can guarantee there will be at least 2 or 3 I want.

Four. Blankets.

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For me, there is nothing more enjoyable than on a chilly day getting a blanket out & snuggling up with a film. Earlier this year I managed to get my hands on a massive crocheted blanket that I can wrap myself in at least 4 times, so I'm looking forward to snuggling up in that!

Five. Autumn / Winter Festive Drinks.

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From Starbucks to Costa, come October the amount of sickly sweet, milky, frothy concoctions that edge on to gross, but hit the spot something fierce. Pumpkin, Caramel, Gingerbread all whipped up in to drink form? Sign me up!

Six. Early Evenings.

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I know that some people really hate this, but I personally love the early evenings that come in autumn and winter. This is more magical around Christmas when the decorations are up and twinkling away, but I love noticing it getting darker slightly earlier and earlier.

Seven. Fireworks.

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I know fireworks aren't strictly an autumn/winter thing, but I tend to see a lot more of them around, as bonfire night & new years eve both fall within autumn/winter. I used to be scared of fireworks, and I'll admit I'm not to keen on the sound still, but I like to watch them from a distance and admire all the pretty colours and shapes.

Eight. My Birthday. 

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So, a bit of a selfish one but my birthday is in a couple of weeks and, like a child, I'm pretty excited! I'm actually going to be away for my birthday this year which is super exciting, and it's the first holiday me & my boyfriend have ever taken by ourselves, in 8 years!

Nine. The Cold. 

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Another one that others hate, but I love. I love cold weather, I love when you step outside and it feels like your inhaling mints not air, I love coming home with flushed cheeks, the whole lot! I live in an old house with no heating, so it's probably a good thing I love it! 

Ten. Christmas! 

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I know it's a good while away yet, and I personally was horrified when I spotted Primark already has their Christmas jumpers out, but let's be serious, Christmas is the highlight of winter. If you've followed this little blog for a while you will probably know that I adore Christmas, I love the whole thing, from the tree to the decorations, to Christmas movies to Christmas music, I love it all! 

So that's why, for me, I will always love Autumn/Winter! How about you? Are you dreading it and looking forward to spring/summer 2014 or are you with me? 



  1. Such a lovely post :) I love autumn too, such a beautiful season.

    Amy x
    --A Little Boat Sailing--

  2. I'm with you, I love autumn and winter! I've already written up and scheduled my autumn post, can't wait for it to go live. :P

  3. I'm with you, this is my favorite time of year. Have been counting doen to the end of Summer! :)

  4. Agreed, agreed, agreed. My birthday is in January so my list would have it after Christmas but I really love this post.

    Water Painted Dreams

  5. Gorgeous photos! You've made me much more excited for Autumn. I LOVE the winter drinks that Starbucks/Costa do! xx

  6. I love autumn, SO much more than summer, such a pretty season x


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