Sunday, 1 September 2013

August Empties

Hello lovelies. 

Sorry this is very slightly late, my lovely Tuna kitten has come down with a tummy bug so yesterday was spent fussing over him! I am SO glad it's September! It's my Birthday this month and I'm off on a short break as well, so really looking forward to this month! 

It's not been the most successful month in terms of finishing things up, but still a good effort and I went to get out from my stash this morning and found I actually only had one left, as well as being out of a lot of a lot of things, so I've really made a good dent on it. 

One. H&M Wet Wipes. 
I like to carry round wet wipes, as the amount of dresses I've had to spend ages stain removing after I've been shopping, swatching lipsticks and ended up with a nice pink / red / coral stain, was getting out of hand so I make sure I always clean up! These were fine, and as till purchases go they did the job but I much prefer Wet Ones as they are much more moist. 

Two. DGJ Hair Oil. 
I was given this at the Bristol Blogger Meet I went to earlier in the year and I've been using this in an effort to conserve my Macadamia Oil, this is a really nice alternative however and at £7.99 (here) it's very affordable. I might buy another once I'm out of my Macadamia. 

Three. Kerastase Crystal Shampoo Sample. 
I hated this. I really thought I'd like it too. It left my hair feeling really really dry and frizzy, which I wasn't impressed with as I'd saved it for when my hair needed a treat. Certainly not a purchase!

Four. H&M Juicy Pear Body Splash. 
I really like the H&M body sprays, they are really cheap at around £1.50, and it smelt exactly like pear! I have a really body spray glut at the moment so I'm trying not to buy any more until I've used up what I have. 

Five. Moschino Pink Bouquet Shower Gel. 
I got this as part of a box set with the perfume and a body lotion. It was an alright shower gel, a bit on the watery side but it did actually smell exactly like the perfume, which sometimes I find is lost in shower gels of perfumes. 

Six. Soap & Glory Wash Hands Of It Hand Soap. 
I got this in a set with a Hand Food in the boxing day sales for something like £3. It's a nice enough hand soap, and if your a fan of the Hand Food scent you'll probably really like this hand wash. I doubt I'd repurchase for full price but if I spot it in the sale again I'd probably pick up another set. 

Seven. Hollisters Crescent Bay Body Wash. 
Me & the lovely Ali shared this shower gel when we both bought a body spray as it was 3 for 2. It was a nice enough shower gel, really nice and thick but the scent was a little on the weak side for my tastes. At around £12 I wouldn't repurchase as it's quite expensive for what it is. 

Eight. The Body Shop Mango Body Spray. 
One product I'm glad to see the back of! I actually really liked this, for the first 6 months but it was so incredibly long lasting I just couldn't finish it! I have a satsuma one and a strawberry one to make my way though but once those are done I doubt I'd repurchase, as I've had my fill of them! 

Nine. Tony Moly Sleek Bunny Facial Refreshing Spray. 
This was essentially fancy packaged water with a spray top, but in all honesty I bought it for the packaging! The nozzle is easy to unscrew and fill again so I'm going to keep it for something else, I'm thinking toner would work well in it. 

Ten. L'Occitane Magical Leaves Perfumes. 
This was part of the Christmas range from L'Occitane, and I loved it as to me it smelt exactly like lemon grass. I also really like the fact that L'Occitane sell these 10ml perfumes as it's a nice way to try the perfume without shelling out for a full sized. I'm hoping the magical leaves scent comes back this year so I can buy more! 

So that's it lovely ladies, what have you finished this month? 


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  1. The H&M pear spray sounds amazing. I love pear scents.

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