Monday, 16 September 2013

Instagram Round Up

Hello lovelies. 

It's been a while, so I thought I'd do a little Instagram round up! 

One. Cold Press Pink Lady Apple, it's just as yummy as everyone says! 

Two. Pretty scarf I bought in the Accessorize sale. 

Three. Gromit! Really sad these are gone now! 

Four. Tuna kitten, curled up against my white pillow!

Five. Finally got a microwave, so popcorn is a must! 

Six. Primark blanket I planned to buy, and when I got to the shop it was on sale, score! 

Seven. Lego Minifigures, got the two I wanted on the first try! 

Eight. Woke up in a grump so I walked to Ikea to buy a lamp, and the shade is just stunning. 

Nine. Fab freebie from Jo Malone! Mini grapefruit perfume I'm taking to Paris with me. 
Ten. Benefit event to show bloggers new products. 

Eleven. Best. Present. Ever. From the lovely Ali

Twelve. Tuna trying to sneak to Paris with me! 

So that's it lovely ladies, and if you fancy following me on Instagram you can do here or @jetley. Also I'm always looking for new people to follow so pop your username below if you fancy! 



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