Saturday, 21 September 2013

Paris Photo Diary - Day One

Hello lovelies!

I'm back from Paris (Boo!) but I had an amazing time, and deffo suffering from the post holiday blues today. We got back really late last night so I've spent most of today unpacking (yes, shopping happened and there will be a haul post shortly!) and sorting out my photos. On holiday I tend to be a total shutterbug and take hundreds and hundreds of photos, and this holiday was no exception! I've tried to just pull out the best, and I'm going to split the photos in to 3 different posts, but just as a warning, they are all going to be totally photo heavy! 

Bright & early my boyfriend & I headed to St Pancreas International from our hotel round the corner (a cheapy Travelodge) as our train was at 8am, but we both wanted to be early in case there was a queue to check in or at passport control, which there wasn't. We went through all the areas of security and check in within 10 minutes and wandered of to get a coffee & wait for the platform to be announced.

We arrived at Gare Du Nord train station just before lunch time & headed off to our hotel, which was about a 5 minutes walk around the corner. We stayed in Hotel d'Amiens, which we picked due to it being so close, but mainly because it was cheap. I looked it up online before going & feared it would be a total dive, but we were pleasantly surprised, it was clean & tidy, a decent sized bathroom and a nice balcony that overlooked a were Parisian street, and even though it was near a main road it was quiet. 

After dumping our bags we headed to the Paris Metro system, which we quickly gave up on! The entire system was complicated & neither of us speak more than a few phrases of French, so we found it extremely hard to ask anyone, so we came up with a second option for getting around, a big red bus tour, or Le Cars Rouge. This ended up being one of the best decisions we made, it was really easy to use as all the operators spoke a small amount of english, they ran every 10 minutes and we got to see Paris in a more scenic way, a more relaxed way. At 27 euros each it wasn't cheap, but I didn't regret it at all! Our first stop was Arc De Triomphe / Champs-Elysees, and that meant one first stop before anything else for me... 

Laduree! I have always wanted to go to Laduree, to sample the macaroons of course! I did pick up a couple of little bits for myself, but I have to say the macaroons were out of this world! So tasty, really fresh and incredibly presented! 

After a spot of shopping & a coffee (which if you ever end up in France ask for a latte if you want milk, other wise they will give you a tiny espresso, every if you ask for Cafe Au Lait) we headed off for the main event of the day, the Eiffel Tour! It's hard to express quite how massive the Eiffel Tour is until your standing near it, the scale is just incredible. 

As we got closer to it, my boyfriend looked a little nervous about it and I didn't want him to feel uncomfortable so we agreed that we'd just go up to the first floor, and if he felt uncomfortable we'd come straight back down, and then joined a massive queue for tickets. We waited at the back of the queue for about 5 minutes, when a staff member came up to us and said the other ticket booth was empty, so we rushed towards it, getting through security and getting tickets (which because I was still 23 on this day I got for just 7 euros, score!) in about 5 minutes, rather than the stated 1 hours, another bonus! 

When we got up there, I realised that the first floor was plenty high to see everything, and we only had to queue up once, which was a bonus! It was incredibly windy when we were up there but we lucky, just as we got out the exit lift, the heavens opened and it poured for a good solid hour! 

After the Eiffel Tour, we went on the bus and looked around a bit more, popped in a few more shops and then to a supermarket to pick up some dinner to eat in the hotel, and just look at the size of this Babybel! No camera tricks its just a massive Babybel! It was about 2 euros and it made me incredibly happy! 

So then we just relaxed for the rest of the night, as we had to be up early the next day for Disneyland! The Disneyland post will probably go up sometime tomorrow, and I have so so many photos to choose from! 

So ladies, have you been to Paris? If not, would you like to go? 



  1. Laduree! How cool, I've always wanted to try their beautiful macaroons. Aww how cute that your boyfriend is scared of heights, at least you could see plenty. I'm going to Paris next January for my friend's 21st, I am even more excited now! Can't wait to see more from your trip xx

  2. Aww I can't wait to see the rest of your photos from Paris! It looks like you had a wonderful time on day one. :D

    I haven't been to Paris and as someone who is part French, I don't really want to for the sights, more for the yummy food! :P Think that's the French in me coming out. ;)

    I'm so jealous of you, macaroons you lucky girl and a giant Babybell! :P

  3. I've been to the south of France a few times but never Paris, I've always wanted to go though. I really want to try some of those macaroons! I've only ever had one macaroon but it was amazing.

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