Sunday, 22 September 2013

Paris Photo Diary - Day 2 - Disneyland!

Hello lovelies. 

As promised yesterday, today I'm going to post my Disneyland photos! Fair warning here, this is particularly photo heavy, but everything, bar nothing, is photo worthy at Disneyland! I've tried to narrow it down as much as possible, but these are my favourite snaps of the day. 

My boyfriend & I got up bright & early & headed to get the train to Disneyland, which takes around 45 minutes to an hour depending on where in Paris you get on. When we got off the train I was almost running towards the gate, a birthday in Disneyland? It's obviously every turning 24 years olds dream! 

We headed straight towards Walt Disney Studios, the smaller park to the side of the main park, as it shuts earlier than the main park and I figured it was a good place to start! 

Disneyland is full to the brim of beautiful fountains, statues, everything is done, polished and clean! Being a huge fan on Fantasia, this one was a favourite! 

I headed straight towards Toy Story Playland, as Toy Story is my all time favourite Disney film. It was incredibly well done and all the oversizing made you feel as small as a toy solider! All the small touches, such as Meccano for fences and dominoes for walls really made it amazing. 

Around the corner there was also an area dedicated to Monsters Inc, and I couldn't help but get a few snaps! 

After a good wander round we headed towards the main park, and after you pass through the gates you can see the castle off in the distance, and we managed to walk in just as a parade was ending so that area started to empty out so I could snap a few pictures. 

Inside the castle there are two boutique shops on the bottom floor, and at the top are all sorts of beautiful images from Sleeping Beauty on stained glass, as well as a balcony you could look over parts of Disneyland. 

Another statue of a favourite film, Wall-e! I was also surprised that Up, a massive film for Disney wasn't anywhere to be found in either park as far as I saw, no statue, no memorabilia in any shops, but there was a lot of films with very little representation in the park. 

A beautiful photo of me don't you agree? We stopped to get some food in the early afternoon, and I have to say I was pretty shocked at how bad the choice for vegetarians was, anywhere we could afford (cheapy, mcdonalds style restaurants) my only choice was chips, or a small side salad. No worries, there was plenty of chocolate and cake to eat in stead. I left the boyfriend to get the food as I got a table, and to console me that I had another portion of chips (common France, a bean burger wouldn't go a miss!) he got me my favourite drink (Nesta Iced Tea in Peach, if you wondering!) in a buzz souvenir mug! Safe to say I was enjoying the drink! However if your planning to eat at Disney, I would keep in mind the cheapest meal is about 10 euros! 

One of my favourite parts of Disneyland has to be the Alice In Wonderland maze, it was incredibly well done, and took ages to complete but in a great way. It had whole different sections for all parts of Alice In Wonderland, the Cheshire Cat, Queen Of Hearts, The Unbirthday party, everything! I've never taken so many photos of a robot ever! 

So that's all my snaps for Disneyland! We also did a fair bit of shopping, as I am fairly sure (but don't quote me!) that there are more shops than rides at Disneyland Paris! We had a great day and I had a great birthday! I'm going to do a Paris haul soon, so you can see why I'm eating toast for the next 10 years!



  1. ooh such lovely photos - i've never been to disneyland but this makes me really want to go! i think Up is made by pixar, maybe that's why there isn't any reference to it?
    natasha xo

  2. glad you had such a good time :D we've just been as well and loved it! it said online there is a veggie option in every restaurant so I was expecting bean burgers or veggie lasagne but was shocked to see the veggie options is a side salad too! chips and salad everyday became a little boring.

  3. It looks like such an awesome way to spend a birthday and I'm a tad jealous of you. ;)

    The Wall E and Eve statues are so damn cute, me and my boyfriend gushed over them whilst I was reading your post. :)

    Can't wait to see your haul now! :D


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