Monday, 23 September 2013

Paris Photo Diary - Day Three

Hello lovelies. 

This was our last day in Paris, and when we were planning the holiday we had optimistic plans to see an art museum in the few hours that we had left, but by this point we were so knackered we didn't managed to wake up until gone 10, so we decided to take a walk around the local area and the canals. 

It was actually really nice to walk around and look at Paris whilst not rushing towards a train or queuing for something. We were really tired but it was really nice and relaxing to wander round, it was really quiet and sunny so that made it even nicer. 

The flats in Paris are just stunning. From the balcony in our hotel we could see some of them and they were just stunning, the idea flats, with high ceilings and little balconies, honestly just stunning! 

We eventually found ourselves in a pretty little square, in which was a really nice coffee shop, so we sat down to have a coffee. The waiter was particularly taken with my boyfriend as he is from Manchester, and this guy was really in to Manchester United! Both me & my boyfriend used to work just outside (literally, could see the whole thing from the window) Old Trafford, so he was very excited by that! 

After we finished our coffees, we went for a bit more of a walk around and headed to the Eurostar for our train back to the U.K, which went fine, and after a 3 days of eating nothing but chips, a bean burger from Burger King at Paddington Station never tasted so good! 

So that was my holiday! I'm sad its over now but I really enjoyed every minute! I'm going to post my Paris haul tomorrow, so keep your eye out for that. 


  1. I really enjoyed all your posts. I'm planning a trip later this year so loved looking at all your pics :)

  2. I love Paris, I went for the day in June and it was amazing and I agree about the food situation...I stuffed my face when I got back home!! lol

    Check out my giveaway and do enter :-)

  3. Aww hun it looked like you had such a lovely time and the pictures you took were all beautiful as well (especially the big Babybell! ;))

    I can't wait to see your haul now!

    From reading your three posts, I really need a holiday now. xD


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