Sunday, 8 September 2013

Pre-Holiday Haul

Hello lovelies. 

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you may of seen me rambling about my upcoming holiday, to Paris! My boyfriend & I are off in 10 days to Paris for 3 days, and our first holiday alone, so to say I'm excited is an understatement! So I thought I'd show you a couple of bits I've picked up for my upcoming trip! 

First up, I have to say holidays make for great shopping excuses, i.e "I needs it, I needs it for my holiday!" which judging by my pile I might of used one too many times! 

First up was not technically a purchase, but a couple of nights a go I went for a wander with my mum in town, and ended up wandering in to an event for Jo Malone, at which I was given a mini (9ml) Grapefruit Colonge for free! It's a perfectly condensed bottle with a spray top which is fantastic, and it's really nice to have a luxury item to take away with me, especially as it was free!

Next is probably the most boring purchase, but needed! I recently broke my biggest memory card, so I've been using a 1GB for blogging which is fine as I don't keep pictures, but when I'm away I tend to get very, very very snap happy, and there is no way the 1GB was going to cut it, so I picked up an 8GB card from Amazon for around £4, so I can snap away happily! 

This was by far the most outrageously unjustified purchase, but I'd been eyeing these socks up for months from ModCloth, and now they are finally mine... for my holiday... (No, I didn't need any more socks, at all..) so I've dubbed these ants at a picnic socks my birthday socks! 

Next is a Dentyl Active, admittedly a boring purchase but I love buying minis for holidays, I think because there a very few times apart from a holiday I'd buy a mini, and also a 5'1 I can hold them and feel like a giant! I also picked up a Yankee Portable Scented Tin in the sale as we are staying a very, very budget hotel, and after looking at reviews online a lot of people say the rooms are smelly, so I thought it might help freshen the room up! 

I also picked up these adorable pj bottoms from Tescos, which honestly I would of bought either way, but I've kept them aside for Paris. They are super soft and snuggly and I kind of wish I'd bought two pairs as I just love the design! 

Next up was the most difficult item to find, a bag! But not just any bag, a small bag with a zip. I've read over and over that Paris is a notorious pickpocketing city, especially around tourist attractions, and although that doesn't really worry me I was suddenly quite aware that all my smaller bags are either open at the top, or only have a weak popper on the front, so I wanted something with a proper zip, which doesn't sound so hard to find, but believe me it really was! 

I finally found one in Primark, and to be honest I don't particularly like it, it's an odd upside down triangle shape but it does have a firm zip around the top and it's small and light so I can just carry round the essentials and luckily it was only £4. When I was looking at the bags I was also came across this funny little cat jelly purse, which I thought would be good to carry round money with me as I don't want to carry round my massive purse, and this was pretty cheap as well at £2. 

Last but not least are probably my favourite purchase, these Liberty fabric Gola canvass boots. I wanted so trainers for Paris that were high topped so I could wear them with leggings. I spotted these in the Schuh sale and literally jumped at them, they are pink, flowery and have ribbons for laces, I don't think a shoe has ever been more "me" in my life! 

So that's it ladies, that's what I've picked up for my holiday, do you ladies love shopping for your holiday too? 



  1. Love those Gola Canvass boots, amazing! Hope you have a fab time xx

    Lots of Love Beautyqueenuk xx

    1. Thank you lovely, and I am a bit smitten with them! x

  2. I haven't been on holiday since 2005 but I plan to go away for a snowboarding holiday at the start of 2014, I'm already excited about buying things for it so yes!

    I have those fox PJ bottoms and I wear them to death, so much so I may buy myself another pair next week. :D

  3. I love all the mini stuff and the little cat purse! So sweet :)

    Slightly Skint Blog

  4. Love the little Cat purse as well. Going to Paris with the hubby soon and had to buy some new luggage.
    We're just going for the weekend.
    Got this bag for just £15!
    Have fun in Paris,
    Paula. :-)


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