Thursday, 31 October 2013

Cold Weather Wishlist

Hello lovelies. 

The temperature has certainly dropped in the last couple days to the point I've broken out the coat, scarf, hat, gloves, the whole lot! So, in the spirit of the season I thought I'd share with you some cold weather cuties I've had my eye on recently. It's funny, some people love buying summer clothes, I love buying winter clothes!

One. Fox Smock Dress via ASOS here - £28
Ok, so a smock dress might not be the warmest of clothing choices, but it looks nice and baggy, so it would great for layering. I wear dresses all year round & I've found the trick to staying warm in winter is sticking a thick vest or long sleeved top underneath.

Two. Snoozie Slipper Socks in Duck Print via eBay here - £11
I actually spotted these today in an independent shop & so nearly bought them but they only had a size large left - boo! But I've added them to my eBay wishlist so I remember to buy them. My flat doesn't have heating & a lot of laminate floors, so the floor can get silly cold, so I go through slippers and slipper socks really quickly, but I want these so bad!

Three. Bath & Body Works Leaves Candle via eBay here - £24.50 
Oh how I wish, wish, wish Bath & Body Works was in the UK! I actually have the small sized version of leaves and it's stunning, lightly spicy but also has delicious berry tones. I really want to buy the full sized version, and when my mini version runs out I may crack!

Four. Tottie Wellingtons in Horse Print via Equestrian Clearance here - £12.99*
Perhaps looking forward a little, but every time it starts to get cold I start thinking about snow. I know some people hate snow but I love it! However, every time I forget how shoe destroying it can be! Every time it snows I ruin another pair of shoes, so I should probably actually buy some wellies! Anyone who knows me knows I love animal print, so these horse print ones are right up my street! 

Five. Camel Fairisle Scarf via Mulberry here - *sharpest of breath intakes* £350 (!!!!)
I spotted the lovely Tanya Burr wearing this in a recent blog post & just loved it. I thought it might be ASOS, or Topshop so I gave it a little google & after a few minutes found that it was actually Mulberry, and cost more than I'd ever ever be willing to pay for a scarf, but just look at it! It's got ladybirds, badgers, bees, toodstools... basically all the things I love! Oh Santa, santaaaa, I've been ever so good!!!

Six. Vivaine Peplum Hem Coat via Ted Baker here - *another sharp inhale* £299
I spotted this a few weeks back in Ted Bakers window display and actually slowed my walk to a crawl to stare at it. It's a gorgeous soft pink with amazing detailed buttons and a peplum hem. It's a show stopping coat, but a food buying stopping price! A girl can wish eh? 

So that's what I'm lusting after, some a lot more far fetched than others! How about you lovely ladies? Any coats stopped you in your tracks recently? 


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  1. Oh I love that scarf, but eek the price!

  2. Oh my I LOVE that dress! I love foxes way too much. xD


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