Friday, 25 October 2013

Friday Favourites

Hello lovelies. 

Happy Friday lovely ladies! Here's what I've been loving this week. 

Gromit Unleashed. 
Its been a while since the Gromits packed up in Bristol, and they've since been auction off for the Grand Appeal, but I finally got to the Grand Appeal shop at The Mall Cribbs Causeway, and as well as a shop it has a very small museum behind the shop, and I couldn't help but snapping some pictures! I also had to make a small purchase, which is a jam caddy! You can roll the jam to people on the table. I personally am going to just display it but I think it's amazing! 

I was originally planning to buy a figurine but they were completely sold out (most of which are on ebay for inflated prices - boo!) so I had a quick look on the website & they are bringing out a figurine of my favourite Gromit, the Salty Sea Dog next month, so I'm glad I didn't! 

The Salty Sea Dog is the pirate Gromit which sat by the waterfront, and my firm favourite. I'm excited to get my own miniature version as I couldn't quite afford this one, which went to the winning bid of £32,000 (all for charity)! Now I just need to get my paws (haha, animal puns are the best) on one before the eBayers get them all!

Aroma Home Huggable Hottie Hedgehog from John Lewis - here
Another thing I spotted at The Mall, this huggable hottie! I am terrified of hot water bottles, I always think it's going to break and burn me! But a hottie is microwavable, so there is not hot water to scare me! It's also adorable, I just wish it wasn't £25!

My Neighbor Totoro Print from Etsy here
Probably my favourite film of all time is My Neighbor Totoro, and this print makes me squee every time I see it. It's a UK based company and the print is around £9, I really want to buy this!

Dark blue velvet skater dress from Tesco - here.
I was flicking through the Tesco Christmas catalog and came across this velvet dress and I just love it. The deep blue, the ribbon tie, it's a whole heatedly festive dress, and when I get a chance to try it on I will!  

So that's what I'm loving this week, how about you? Anything you've fallen in love with this week? 


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  1. I've had my eyes peeled on that velvet dress from Tesco too, I really want it for evenings out with my friends and boyfriend. :)

    Also I really want to go and buy one of the Gromit figures! Sometimes I wish I lived in Bristol so I could have gone and seen all the Gromits scattered around there. :(


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