Saturday, 12 October 2013

Have A LUSH Christmas! Christmas Products From Lush

Hello lovelies. 

Today was an exciting day for me for 2 reasons, one my bestest friend was back from university for the weekend, and two I finally got to go to Lush to look at the Christmas stuff! I'd saved looking until she was back as it's a bit of a tradition to go together! I snapped a few pictures on the store to share with you lovely lot. 

So going on my first impressions of everything I'll write a mini review of the new season stuff. There is a lot of returning bath bombs & bubble bars, such as Golden Wonder, Cinders, and Father Christmas, as well as lots of new stuff, such as Star Light Star Bright, The Penguin and The Snowman. But there is also a fair few bath bombs that have undergone a make over, such as the Christmas pud & candy mountain, which have both undergone a facelift. However, one this I will say is that if you find glitter in bath bombs annoying, there are a few you should be aware of. The most offensively glittery is Star Shine Star Light, which trying to pick up was like trying to pick up something smothered in loose pigment, I'm actually still glittery right now!

Apart from bath bombs, in terms of shower products I was slightly disappointed. Every year the infamous Snow Fairy shower gel shows her glittery face, which I'm always happy with as I love it. But Ponche has showed up again, and I hated hated hated it. Wheres my Glogg?! Because I don't have a bath I always hope for a new shower gel so I can try something new! However to my moans I was proffered the new gold fun, which to me smelt exactly like werthers originals, which might be a bit sweet, even for me!

Soaps, again has a lot of returning favourites, such as Snow Globe, Angel's Delight, Mr Punch & Snowcake, as well as one new addition, Orange Jelly! If there has been a soap with my name on it, that would be it! Noriko has come back after roughly 5 years away. 

Gift sets are as cute as ever, with the addition of Baby Frosty, baby to Mr & Mrs Frosty. In fact there are a couple of knot wrap gift sets that if I had a bath I'd be after! The Lush gift sets range between about £6 all the way up to £100, so if you are stuck for someone and need a no brainer gift, give Lush a look! 

So, I couldn't NOT make some purchases could I?! I was actually very restrained and walked away with just two products! 

I ended up going for a small bottle of Snow Fairy, which I'm going to buy year after year after year, and a small-ish slice of Orange Jelly! I'm going to do a proper review of this later in the week, but if you like orange smells, this, this is for you!  

I do have my eye on a few more bits but I'm waiting until closer to Christmas to really indulge my Lush passion!

So that's what I'm thinking about the new Christmas Lush collection, how about you lovely lot? Is there anything your excited to try? 



  1. Snow fairy is my favourite product ever from lush x

    Beautyqueenuk xx

  2. I'm really gutted that I won't be able to try out any of the Christmas soaps from Lush, as the majority of them break my skin out in rashes. :(

    BUT I cannot WAIT to get my hands on all the Lush Christmas goodies I want to try out and re-buy again from years before. :)

    I've wrote a massive wish list over on my blog if you want to check it out. :)

  3. Snow Fairy is one of my favourites, definitely asking for a bottle for Christmas! I bought Bombardino the other day, a very cute bath bomb! Reviewing tomorrow :-) xx


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