Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Have A LUSH Christmas: Lush Orange Jelly Soap

Hello lovelies. 

I mentioned a few days a go that I'd gone to scout out the new Lush Christmas items, and I'd walked away with one old (Snow Fairy) and one brand new item, Orange Jelly! 

Orange Jelly is a traditional bar of soap with a modern twist, a jelly layer on top! If you are a fan of citrus scents, this is the soap for you. It's described as smelling of "freshly squeezed orange juice" and that is one the money. Unlike a lot of Lush products it's not got a much of a twang of anything else, it's just a straight up strong orange scent! 

The jelly part of Orange Jelly is the top layer, which has a similar feel as the shower jellies. It's a novelty, however...

As I intended this to use this as a hand soap, I did just that! I washed my hands with it, and the second I picked up the soap and put it under the tap half of the jelly came off straight away and fell down the plug hole, which was immensely annoying! After about three uses I only have a tiny bit of the jelly left. It's not the end of the world but if I bought it I'd opt for no jelly, as I'd rather have extra soap to use than jelly that falls down the drain. If you wanted a jelly piece I'd say pull it off & stick it in the shower. 

So overall, one of the nicest smelling products from Lush I've had in a long while, but the novelty jelly just doesn't work for what I wanted it for! It kind of feels like they tried to combine a soap & a shower jelly in one, but for me that doesn't really work! 

You can buy Orange Jelly either in store or online here with prices starting at £3.40 for 100 grams.

So ladies, are you going to try any of the Lush Christmas soaps? Do you have an old favourite or a new one you want to try? 



  1. I love the look of this, it's so cute! That's too bad about the jelly though :(

  2. That sounds amazing. I must stop by Lush to smell it! Love Lush but we only get bath bombs and other like products as all their soaps including the sensitive skin ones make me itchy. :(

  3. That sounds absolutely delicious! Sadly I'm allergic to most of Lush's soaps (as I think I mentioned on a comment before to you) so sadly I won't be trying any of the soaps. :(

    However, is FUN GOLD included in that (seeing as you can wash with it...)? As I'll be trying that for sure! :P



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