Sunday, 6 October 2013

It's Back! Alessi Kitchenware With Vouchers From Tescos

Hello lovelies. 

I think it was around this time last year when I originally blogged about the Alessi cutlery with vouchers when shopping at Tesco, and I know I for one was very excited. So when doing the midweek shop last week, I was super excited its come back around, with a new set of items up for grabs! 

If your unfamiliar with this offer its fairly simple, there is a choice of Alessi items in store which you can buy for full price, but if you collect 5 stickers (one sticker per £20 spent) you can buy them for a highly reduced price. For example I went for the set of two bowls, which were £21.99 but I bought them for £4.99! They actually had a full set of 5 stickers in every collector booklet so that was even better! 

I went for the bowls, as I've started running low on  non chipped bowls! What I particularly like about them is that if you stack one upside down on the other, it kind of looks like Saturn.. :p As with all Alessi, they are fantastic quality and hopefully I can manage to keep them chip free!

There is a whole range of things to choose from, plates, bowls, serving bowls, cutlery, mugs which you can browse here but if they don't take your fancy, perhaps they would make a nice Christmas gift for someone else? I know it's early but as the saying goes, the early bird gets the Alessi...

So ladies, do you fancy any of the range? 



  1. We have a few things from this offer, really impressed with the quality!

    Jennie xo |

  2. I've just bought 3 set of 2 mugs (8th Nov 2013) - the most appalling quality I've seen, probably would struggle to be called 'seconds'. Needless to say I complained to Tesco customer services, and equally needless to say I haven't had a response. I will be returning them.


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