Wednesday, 27 November 2013

White Chocolate Covered Oreo Snowmen - Quick & Easy Festive Food Treat

Hello lovelies. 

Today I have a no - cook recipe for you - chocolate covered Oreo snowmen faces! Over the festive season there are a million and one reasons you might need to bring something foody, from office parties to kids bake sales to just rocking up to a party with something fun to give, but if your like me you don't want to spend hours and hours making something. So this is quick, easy and very cute! 

So on to what you will need! 

So, your going to need: 

Oreos - I'm going to mention here that you don't have to use oreos, just any flat round biscuits, but I thought that oreos would be a good choice! 
White Cooking Chocolate - I found that one large bar will make 12 biscuits one sided, and 6 both sided. 
Decoration - This can be anything that says "snowman" to you, I've got Trail Mix - for the smarties and coal looking raisins, milk chocolate chips, dried pineapple & mini chocolate crispies from Tesco. 
A knife - to cut the decorations 
Chopsticks - To dip the biscuits in to the chocolate, equally you could use a fork, a skewer, anything you fancy. 

A jug or bowl - to melt the chocolate in
A saucepan - to put the boiling water in. 

First up, boil your water. You need it full enough to touch the bottom of the bowl or jug, but not so full it will spill over the sides. 

Whilst the water is getting going, break your chocolate in to squares, which well help it melt more easily. 

When the water is boiling pop it in your bowl and put it on the heat to get it melting. You will want the chocolate to be completely runny before dipping begins! 

Once the chocolate is runny open up your Oreos. 

Next up, put your Oreo on a chopstick or on a fork. 

Then, get ready to dip it in! You made need to do one dip, come out and dip it again to get a full chocolate coverage. 

After dipping them, set them down on a plate. 

Once you've finished dipping all of them, set them all on a plate with a little room between each so they don't stick together! 

After putting them on a plate, pop them in the fridge for a quick cool down - to decorate you will want the chocolate to still be soft, but not too runny. But equally don't forget them or the decorations won't set in to the chocolate. 

Whilst the biscuits are cooling a little, time to prepare your decorations! For some of the snowmen I cut dried pineapple in to points to make flat "carrot" noses. 

Next I sorted the pieces of the Trail Mix I fancied, which were smarties and raisins. You could obviously just buy raisins and Smarties but I just happened to have Trail Mix to hand. 

Next I shook out some milk chocolate chips. 

And some of the Milk Chocolate Crispies. 

So these are all my decorations, but again these are just suggestions, and you can use whatever you want to. 

Next, get your biscuits out and go crazy! Any thing you fancy, any way you fancy it. For this little guy I used milk chocolate chip eyes, a smartie nose and chocolate crispy mouth. 

So this is my final product! Some are better than others, but I find the rubbish ones kind of charming in their own way! This took about 20 minutes in total, plus about another 30 minutes to completely set, but they are minimal effort for maximum festive impact. They are probably terrible for you, but go on, It's Christmas!

So that's it lovelies, what do you think? Making you feel festive? 


Friday, 22 November 2013

Christmas Gift Guide For Her: Gifts Under £15

Hello lovelies. 

Christmas is sure sneaking up fast this year! With about 4 weeks before Christmas day I'm so far from done buying gifts! So I thought I'd put a little gift guide together unless anyone else is struggling for inspiration too! I'm going to put together a few of these over the next couple of weeks, but I'm going to start with gifts for her under £15.

One. Party Time Gift Set from Lush: £12.95 here.
Lush do a lot of gift sets for Christmas, but I've picked this one for a few reasons. The packaging is new, made to look like a party popper, that pops when you open it! It contains a 100ml Happy Hippy shower gel, a full size green Fun & 120 g of Snowglobe soap, which bought seperatly would cost £11.60ish (going on 100g of soap) so the packaging isn't too expensive, and it looks super fun! I think this would probably be a good gift for just about any lady who likes citrus scents!

Two. Ticket To Glossy Town from Benefit: £9.75 in the sale here.
Benefit have stuck a couple of the gift sets in the sale, and get them quick as I predict a sell out! For under £10 you will get 6 different lipglosses in a pretty box. If you know someone who is make up obsessed this would make a fantastic gift!

Three. Anna Sui Minnie Mouse Nail Varnish from ASOS: £15 here.
This is probably a perfect gift for another blogger! It's not been long since ASOS finally started selling the Anna Sui make up range, and it's gone coco bananas on the bloggersphere. The whole range seems to be in the high end price range, and although it's a lot for a single nail varnish, the saying goes that the best things come in small packages, so this could be that best thing.

Four. Victoria Sponge Cake Tin from Joy: £4 here.
This would be a great gift for the baking type in your life, but someone you don't want to go down the "baking tools" gifts, either because they own it all or the only thing you know they want is a KitchenAid! This tin is the perfect size for a good, proper, sized wedge of cake to take to work or out and about. 

Five. Unicorn plastic tumbler with straw from Urban Outfitters: £12 here.
This one would be perfect for the girly girl in your life. It's pink, it's got a unicorn on it, it resembles something you'd get from Starbucks? It's a girly girl present indeed! I have a couple of these tumblers and they are just fantastic for cold drinks. 

Six. Pug Mug from River Island: £8 here.
I think it's quite possible that everyone knows someone who thinks pug dogs are the best thing since sliced bread, and if you do, look no further! I don't even particularly like pugs but a square pug mug is about the cutest thing I've ever seen! According to the box it spins as well... ! It sounds amazing, and I am tempted to buy it just to see how it spins! 

So that's it lovely ladies. Dare I ask.. have any of you finished you Christmas shopping? Or like me, no where near! 


New! Lush Limited Edition Perfumes Including Snow Fairy!

Hello lovelies. 

If your a Lush fan, or even just a Snow Fairy fan, today is an exciting day for you! Today Lush has released it's yearly limited edition perfumes, as requested by fans on the Lush forums. But, more exciting than a limited edition perfume, they have finally, FINALLY, released a Snow Fairy perfume! 

(image source here

So the scents include: 

Snowcake: Just like the soap, this is a marzipan based fragrance. 

Rose Jam: Just like the bubble bar, this is a rose based fragrance. 

Ponche. Just like the shower gel, this is a spicy scent that leans almost towards a tequila. 

Calacas. This was originally a shower jelly from Halloween probably a year a go, according to the website this is a lime based scent. 

Snow Fairy. To me, the most exciting of them all! A beautiful mix of candy floss and pear drops. 

So those are the limited edition fragrances, which you can purchase here, these are online only and are between £23 and £30 for 30mls. They are only available until Sunday night, so if you want one you best order soon!

So ladies, do any of these take your fancy? 


Thursday, 21 November 2013

Bobbi Brown Sequin Shimmer Brick For Eyes Review & Swatches

Hello lovelies. 

Today I have something very exciting to share with you, the Sequin Shimmer Brick for eyes from Bobbi Brown! This is both my first ever thing from Bobbi Brown & my first pay day treat from my new job!

I picked mine up directly from Bobbi Brown, so as Christmas is near the shop had already wrapped all the Christmas sets up beautifully, it was almost a shame it was for me, as it looks so beautiful! It's also the first & only palette I own, which is almost shameful but I find I'm only usually drawn to one or two colours, with this one it was quite a different story.

As I mention before, the Sequin Shimmer Brick for eyes is part of the Bobbi Brown Christmas range, and although the packaging is pretty standard for Bobbi Brown, however instead of the writing being in white, it's gold, which is a really nice way to do Christmas packaging, not too much! 

OH. MY. GOD. Can I take just a minute to talk about how ruddy beautiful this is?! The shimmer brick has 10 separate colours, designed to be worn alone or blended together to make more complex colours. 

(please excuse the finger prints, the more I tried to clean it the worse it got!) To give you an idea of how diddy the it is, I've picked it up to show you. The idea behind the size is that its a compact palette ideal for popping in your bag to get you through the party season! This might be off putting to some, but I adore it! I'm often off put by the size of palettes as I assume it would be a pain to store! I also adore the fact there's no wasted packaging by having the shadows in separate pots, but most of all, NO TINY BRUSH! No tiny brush that I will instantly loose leaving a gaping hole in my palette! 

Swatched left to right from the pallete on my arm, here are all the colours on my arm. Oh, and by the by top marks who finds taking these swatch pictures of palettes easy, it was a pain in the bum! As you can see there is a good mix of colours and tones inside, but oh me oh my, look at that shimmer! As the name would indicate, all the colours are very very shimmery, and that's just how I like it! 

It applies to the eyes so beautifully, so soft and creamy with minimal glitter fall out. Here I've used a combination of the pink colours & the two lightest shades, but I've had loads of fun playing around & trying out different combinations, and I'm yet to find two colours in the pallete that don't go together, so well done Bobbi Brown for picking amazing colours! 

So, here's the thing. This palette isn't exactly cheap. In fact it's the opposite of cheap, it's really quite eye watering. At £34.50 here, it's a seriously bank damaging item. However, I didn't take this purchase lightly. I went in to Bobbi Brown and looked, swatched and then looked some more and then swatched some more, and then thought about it for about 4 weeks before I bought it, but I am so glad I did! It's a stunner, and I am thoroughly impressed with Bobbi Brown, if only for this! 

So ladies, have you tried anything from Bobbi Brown? If so what would you recommend?


Monday, 18 November 2013

Organix Moroccan Argan Oil Review: Bargain Hair Miracle?

Hello lovelies. 

My hair. Oh my hair. What can I say about it? It's a messy, thick, unloved mop at the moment! For years I turned my nose up at the idea of putting oil in my hair, "why would I do that?!" I would say "won't it just make my hair look greasy?!" I would scoff. 

But that all changed after trying a tiny bit of Macadamia oil, and I adored it. I promptly trotted off and forked out a small fortune. However, that bottle is starting to run out a little, so when I was in Superdrug & saw an amazing offer on a brand I love, I snapped a 100ml bottle of Organix Moroccan Argan Oil, and I've been testing it out so I thought I'd give it a review. 

The moroccan argan oil comes in a small rounded bottle, much like their shampoos and conditioners. It's see through and the oil itself is a yellow-y gold. I gave the oil a little sniff & was so happy to find it smells just like the shampoo, which to me smells exactly like the Anna Sui perfume that comes in a bottle shaped like a handbag.

Unlike my beloved Macadamia oil, it doesn't have a pump, but a flip lid with a small hole. I was worried that because of the lid it might be easy to take too much product, but the oil is just the right consistency that you don't end up with way to much. 

Soooo.... this is my hair after a shower. I give it a quick towel dry after a wash or it will drip everywhere, but as you can clearly see, it's a mess. A messy messy mess. The only thing that will tame this hair of doom is my trusty tangle teezer, and some oil! I used a small palm full of the Organix Moroccan Argan Oil, and this was the result, 20 minutes later after a quick blow dry... 

Not to toot my own horn, but my hair looks pretty amazing! I was so blown away by this oil! It went on to my hair really nicely, and as well as smelling amazing, it left my hair feeling soft. Softer than I think it's felt in years! So smooth, so soft, smells amazing... all of this cost under £4! 

The whole Organix range is on offer at Superdrug, not just any deal a better than half price deal! The Moroccan Argan oil is a barginous £3.48 here, but it's currently out of stock (boo!) but if you fancy any of the range you'll need to get a wiggle on, as the offer ends tomorrow! However even at full price, the oil is only £6.99, so compared to other brands such as Macadamia, it's still a bargain! 

Move over Macadamia, I've got a new favourite! 

So ladies, what do you use in your hair? Have you got any recommendations for my thick, dry hair? 


Thursday, 14 November 2013

Instagram Round Up

Hello lovelies.

It's been a while since my last instagram round up, so I thought I'd do another for you lovely lot. Instagram is probably still my favourite app, probably because I'm a nosey bugger who likes seeing what other people are up to! My instagram name is Jetley, feel free to follow if you fancy, or stick your instagram name below and I'll come follow you.

One. Holiday prints arrived! I know everything is digital these days but I still like to get prints and put them all in an album. 

Two. Orange Ribena, in my humble opinion, is the best flavour! I just wish it was sold more places! 

Three. My baby (she's not a baby, she's 17!) sister bought me a Pandora froggy charm for my birthday, which is incredibly sweet as I love frogs. 

Four. A sneaky festive primark purchase, a snowman hat! This was actually from the mens department as I thought it was nicer than the female ones. If I remember rightly it was between £2 and £3. 

Five. Charity shop find. A massive crocheted blanket I paid about £2 for, it's so massive half of it is tucked behind the chair. 

Six. Gromit Unleashed Grand Appeal shop purchase, a Wallace & Gromit "Jam Caddy", previously a promotional item from Kingsmill. The idea is that you put the jam in the yellow tub, pull the bike back & it speeds the jam towards the next person! I'm actually using this to store little earring studs, but it was too cute to leave behind! 

Seven. I love sunny Autumn days. Cold enough for jumpers, but warm enough not to feel freezing every second you are outside. 

Eight. Halloween Pumpkin Krispy Kreme. Honestly, flavour wise, a little disappointing, but fun looking!

Nine. Had to be done, my once a year Starbucks red cup of something insanely sweet. I went for a Toffee Nut Latte, which was sweeter than a mouthful of pure sugar. 

Ten. My lovely Tuna has such a long, thick tail! 

Eleven. Finally got my hands on this! Spice Chai from Drink Me, which is what is what a lot of the big coffee shops use, such as Cafe Nero & Costa, for their Spiced Chai Latte. It is sweet and spicy but not too much of either flavour. It is literally a perfect autumn / winter drink. It's not stocked many places but I found it in Waitrose, and it's about £1.99 for a tub, which I've been having at least one a day and it's still over half full, a new love of mine! 

Twelve. Move over Starbucks red cups, we have a winner! Costa Coffee have really out done themselves with their seasonal offering! The cups come in 4 different designs which correspond to their size. Here I have a Snowman (medium) with a gingerbread latte, which as well as not being too sweet, also had edible gold stars on top! Sorry Starbucks, your red cups are looking a little weak.

Thirteen. I was so in awe of the cups, the lovely staff actually gave me two to take home! A gingerbread (small) and an Elf (espresso), I'm hoping to convince them to give me a Snowman (medium) and a Father Christmas (large) so I can have lots of festive drinks at home! 

Fourteen. I mention in a previous post I've got myself a new job, at Yankee Candle! I've only been there around 2 weeks but I'm loving it so far! We all wear a little Yankee apron, which is actually really handy as I don't have any pockets on my work clothes, so it's handy to pop things in. 

Fifteen. I always always always pick up at least one or two Innocent Smoothies when they have the big knit hats on, because I like the charity, but also, it's a mini hat! I tried to put them on Tuna but he wasn't impressed! 

Sixteen. I don't even think I can begin to justify this purchase... but I'll try anyway! North Pole is a candle I'd always wanted, I'd had a wax tart a while back, but it's a fairly rare scent in england. So when it popped up on the "Special Appearances" on the Yankee website, I just had to have it! It's a sweet mint scent, think candy canes. I did also order some Christmas presents with this... so.... yeah that's my justification! 

So that's it for my Instagram round up ladies! As I said above feel free to pop your username in the comments if you fancy! 


Sunday, 10 November 2013

Rituals Shower Scrub free with Marie Claire December 2013

Hello lovelies. 

Today I have another magazine freebie to share with you. All the December magazines seem to have amazing freebies this month, from mini Benefit lipglosses to mini Orly nail polishes. I spotted another great freebie with Marie Claire this month so I thought I'd share it with you.

This month with Marie Claire there is a full sized Rituals Shower Scrub! I've always wanted to try Rituals but I've never known where to start, and I've just run out of scrub so this is a double bonus for me! 

As far as I can tell, there is only one scent, Sweet Orange & Cedar. Which is perfect for me as I adore citrus scents! It smells exactly like orange juice to me, with just the slightest hint of cedar. 

So ladies, what's your favourite magazine freebie this month? Have you picked any up?